Sunday 13 March 2016

Tut tut

Good evening crafters - sorry for the lack of posts on here. I had been doing so well!! It's been a very busy, but fun week. Work has been fantastic - it was so good to work with the Crafters Companion team again. Myself and Sheena had our first giggle melt down! Oops. We couldn't speak, just stood there crying. Haha. Over the silliest thing as well. Sometimes you don't realise how much you miss people until you see them again :)

Talking of old chums, my friend Jenny came to visit and we went on a trip to the secret cinema. Obviously, it's a secret, and we are instructed to tell no one. It's a fantastic event, you don't know the film or location when you purchase the tickets. They give you your character, and what you have to wear...and eventually a location. They act out parts of the film, and give you missions! The production is amazing. We almost forgot we were going to see a film. They had a club after the film as well with a brilliant live band. Such a good night out, we will definitely be doing the next one. 

Work is busy again this week. Tomorrow and Tuesday we are filming promos, and then I'm back in on Wednesday. We are then meeting folk in London on Thursday to explain and show who we are and what we do - so I'll be demoing my own kit for the first time!! Exciting.

Okay, I'll share my schedule here for you:


9am - one day special 
11am - Debbie Shore
2-4pm - let Leonie loose :)


11am - Be Creative with the lovely chaps, Gordon and Justin
2pm - not sure yet :)
4pm - one day special
7pm - one day special last chance


12pm - one day special
3pm - oww, chalk painting


carol edwards said...

A busy time for you Leoni but it sounds like you are enjoying it. It's really nice to see you happy. x

trent999 said...

That all sounds amazing Leonie. And what an exciting week ahead, I bet you are really looking forward to Thursday, that will be a proud and special event for you. Take care and enjoy everything. xx

A Happercrafter6 said...

A busy schedule but sounds as though you're enjoying it.
Very pleased with the results of the techniques I tried out after last week's Let Leonie Loose. Thanks for the ideas.

Anne said...

Really looking forward to seeing your first kit, Leonie. Good luck with the demo.
Your shows are so full of ideas that I forget them!!

Anne (Northampton)

hollyberry said...

So glad that you sound so happy.
Must be really exciting to be showing off your own products for the first time. Scary too!
Thanks for your times on the TV,as ever so useful to know when you are meant to be on. Can't wait for LLL to be on again. It is so much fun as well as being so informative. The perfect mix!

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Leonie, I saw you with the Crafter's Companion Team, you were all so bubbly and happy to see each other, it was lovely to watch.
I am excited to see your own products, are you getting nervous !!
So useful showing us your schedule, thank you for that.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Linda Simpson said...

Hi Leonie, I sure am loving your Wednesday programmes and great title too, letting you loose!
Linda xxx said...

Hi Leonie
Looking forward to the shows Take care Kitty.

Myra said...

Thanks for the schedule times Leonie!
Believe it or not I should be able to watch Leonie Let Loose as I happens this week! Xxx

Carol S. said...

A busy week and must be great after being housebound for so long. Hugs, Carol S.xx