Monday, 5 February 2018

A little Carabelle and life

Morning crafters. Thought I’d do a quick post....that was days ago, I’m finally managing to actually write the thing, and get it scheduled for tomorrow. That’s the plan. I may fall asleep before I finish typing however, so if you get lots of snuadjffjdfjioewdjfosifadj know what’s happened!

I have been spending a lot of time up north recently, I’ve forgotten what my little house looks like in Brighton. My mum isn’t very well, so I have been trying to help my step dad, and also spend time with mum. Im sure people have noticed that quite a few of my let loose shows have changed, or not quite been up to scratch. It has been quite tricky trying to juggle everything, but we have changed the days I will be working, so hopefully this will make the Wednesday show easier. Fingers crossed.

Whilst I was up north this time we did grab a weekend in Hebden Bridge. It was lovely. We found a cute little cottage which allowed dogs, and they loved it! Below, Dylan meets one of the farm goats.

From the wilds of Hebden Bridge back to the lovely Carabelle. Almost all then backgrounds are made with Brushos...gotta love the magic of brushos

This ones actually using a print made from rice paper!

Love this stamp, the wiggle and swish...who knew I needed it, but I do!

This is an embossing powder technique, used to get that speck
Ed effect, which then acts as a great resist

I love using rice paper, it allows me to layer and create some really cool effects, especially when combined with stamping


Karen said...

Beautiful projects Leonie, thanks for sharing. Hope your mam is better soon huni, it's a real worry when our parents get ill, sending hugs xx

pipcoxy said...

Hi Leonie,
Hope your mum is better soon. Fabulous projects as usual.I so love seeing your ideas. Sadly my dog Guinness had to be put to sleep today so I'm feeling very under the weather. Sending lots of hugs xxx

cardmakerkb said...

Hi Leonie.
Hope your mum is feeling better soon. Love your projects as usual. Sending you and your family much love and hugs xx

Diane said...

Sorry to hear life s treating you and your mum unkindly at the mo, I do hope things settle down for you both soon. Your samples are beautiful as usual. Take care of yourselves x p.s think you have the best "inky" hands on TV .... Loved the show you did with Louise Withers ...your inky hands made me laugh out loud...I have been to work with similar....trouble is I work in a library and I get some very strange looks x x

Lucinda said...

Sorry your mum is unwell, I'm sure she appreciates the time with you, and hope there's better news soon. That's much more important then work! But I've loved the shows, especially the ones with the brushos - a personal favourite! Glad there's been flexibility on your days, hope it does make life easier. Make sure you look after yourself lovely lady x

Tracy Welham said...

Sorry to hear your mum is unwell.

These are beautiful samples, I have really fallen in love with Carabelle and Brushos! Creative Blessings, Tracy x