Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Block printing 

I loved seeing Jamie for the Colouricious shows recently. I adore Block Printing. It’s easy, addictive and the blocks are so beautiful. The blocks are the things that enticed me. The craftsmanship that goes into making these is fantastic.....and I’m going seeing how it’s done! Soooo excited. And tickets to join me on this adventure are almost sold out. I can’t wait to see everyone. We are going to have such a fantastic time.  I’m going to share some photos from the show, but if you would like more info on the actual holiday, the please follow this link:


Littlelamb said...

These are lovely. Have some of the blocks. Just must use them. Probably once I have used them once I will wonder what I was worrying about.

Tracy Welham said...

Only one word for these ... Lush!
Creative Blessings, Tracy x

David Kirk said...

Can't wait for Jaipur! The trip of a lifetime for us. We also have the blocks but to go see where they are them made and used by the wonderful people in this fascinating country is a chance we couldn't pass up. Especially with our favourite, favourite crafter xxxx