Thursday, 29 May 2008

Artist Trading Card Newsletter

I've done it - it's taken me all day but I have finally typed up the new Newsletter, phew. Now I need to print it out and post it. Hopefully the posting will be easier as all member details are on my computer, so I just need to remember how to do my mail merge thing - urgh! I'll email as many out today as possible, and get printing and posting. Better be quick, I've got deadlines, actually you have deadlines!


sharon said...

ooooo sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leonie, I enjoyed reading your newsletter. I'm new to this, when you say cards for the children and competitions, do you mean ATC cards?
Love Alison xx
P.S. I've made a really good friend through your club, and she lives in the same town as me!

Leonie pujol said...

Hi Alison,
All the theme's are just for ATC's, that includes the competition and the Post Pals.
I hope this is okay, and that you are going to join in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leonie, I might have a go at them. I've just set up a blog, so I might join in with your friday challenge too, if I can work out how to do it!!
love Alison xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Leonie...I received my newsletter yesterday by e-mail. Can't wait to get going on the Post Pals and competition etc.I'm just back off my hols so have quite a bit of catching up with mail to do..... but it's nice...NO BILLS but lots of ATC's from all my friends that I have made as a result of your club.
I'm really itching to have a go and join in with the Fab Friday Challenge but I am not too experienced on the jolly old computer so not confident about setting up a Flicker or Blog.... perhaps one day ??!!!
Oh, by the way my hols were "Fandabbydozy"!!!!
Love for now Mary xx