Friday, 16 May 2008

QVC Kits

Thought I'd pop a quick post on and share some of the cool stuff I've been working with this week for next Tuesdays show (I'm doing an hour in the afternoon, then Dawn will be doing the TSV launch). I had some lovely Stamp and Stuff embossing powders, must admit it's the glitter one's that really did it for me. They are ace. I had a play with putting chipboard through my Xyron and popping on the pastel embossing powder. Some of them gave a great effect, they had white bubbles springing up when I heated them!! The picture of the tag on the Seaside card shows the finished effect, it looks quite glittery, but in fact it is just the pastel embossing powder - cool eh!!


caroline said...

ooohhh bootiful,will be watching tuesday...will get my parent to do so to,they are almost in there 80's and love making atc' cuts and mum sticks,a great crafty-atc's duo x

Fab said...

Cool glitter powder......what's the item code ! wink

Love the stamples Leonie!

Anonymous said...

OH.....IT'S NOT FAIR !!!(Sorry about the petulant child act!! but it just isn't)I'm about to go off on my hols so have had to hold off on ordering anything (Don't want parcels arriving while I'm not there) and there's all these lovely things coming up.It always takes over a week (why me ??!!) for things to come from QVC so couldn't be sure. Would you believe I didn't order ANYTHING on craft day and I sooo desperately wanted the TSV amongst other things !!!!....... such is my lot in life !!!..... but I am going away though aren't I !!!!
See you when I get back !!!
Love Mary xx

Leonie pujol said...

Hi Folks,

I'm glad you liked the samples, Tuesday went so fast!! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner with that code Fabrizio, but I don't think I sold out (just in case it's 586729). And Mary, there will be plenty of goodies left to buy when you get back from your jolly holidays, just have a brilliant time. I loved the thought of your mum and dad crafting together Caroline, that's really sweet.

Joana24 said...

they are gorgeous, love the samples , but i miss that show I was working :(

Carol said...


I LOVE the samples.... I know you have work comming out of your ears but would you please consider joining the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers please?

Here's the link

Carol :0)