Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas Frame

Finally, I'm grabbing some time to copy up the instructions of the projects we did when I visited Faversham. It's taken a while, but here we go!

This is the frame we created, sorry the photo isn't clear, I have a few close ups to share with you.

First we decorated the frame with distress stains. These give a lovely natural look to the frame and stain the wood whilst still allowing the wood grain to show through. Make sure you cover the whole frame, even the inside.

Stain the canvas as well, using the distress stain. Use the picket fence stain to add a touch of white to the frame to give it a shabby chic look.

Stamp a background stamp on the canvas, I used a full xmas words background stamp. Use a die ink pad, like archival. Allow the stamp to start and finish off the page, if you will. This makes it look like a background as opposed to being to planned and regimented.

Stamp your Santa, using Staz on black, onto acetate (make sure the acetate is big enough to cover the canvas, and stamp with plenty of room around the image, not in a corner), and then stamp again onto plain cream card. Lightly colour your Santa on the card, using white for the white bits, and pink for the skin. Glue the santa card to the canvas, then overlay the acetate on the top.

Stick the acetate to the edge of the canvas so you can't see the glue, as you will be sticking the canvas to the back of the frame (not the inside where you generally attach it). Allow the acetate to dry before sticking to the frame. The acetate enriches the image, making it stronger and more prominent. I use Cosmic Shimmer glue for the acetate and to attach it to the frame.

Now using grunge paper, paint the front and back of the paper with eco paints. I used a mix of greens to create different tones. Apply the eco paints with a cheap sponge, you will be able to get a good coverage without using too much paint.

Using a fine drawing pen, draw some holly leaves. I didn't attempt to get them perfect, or all the same. It looks brilliant if you have them 'quirky'. Cut out the holly leaves, then heat each one. As it's grunge paper you will be able to shape them when they are warm. I added extra detail with the drawing pen, just a little stitch design around the edges.

When I was happy with my leaves I worked out where I wanted to place them before gluing them all down with Pinflair.

Using Eco Varnish, I varnished all the leaves to give them a lovely shine.

Add a lovely big ribbon, I used the crinkle edge red ribbon, which is really effective. Add some of the pearl pins to the frame as well. I used Pinflair glue to add the embellishments.

To give a real shabby chic look, use a little glue on the frame, not to much (I use the crafty notions glue or a glue pen). Allow it to dry a little, then add some of the metal flakes. Again, you don't want to add too much, this is just to give it a little shine and colour.

To finish your frame, using either liquid pearls or Cosmic Shimmer PVA in the centre of your leaves, this will dry solid and look like holly berries. Voila, a happy Christmas.

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retrobabs said...

Thank you so much for this. Will now finish it off. From Barbara (one of the morning ladies) It was one of the best Christmas presents my son has ever brought me.