Friday, 30 November 2012

The perfect parcel

For the Ideal Home Christmas show, I did cards and gift wrapping.  I thought I would tell you how I created pretty, yet cost effective parcel wrap.

The first parcel is so very easy.  I cut my brown paper to size, just cut it slightly longer to cover yourself in case your punching goes a little wrong!  Better safe than sorry.  As the brown paper is cheap paper, your punch will just chew the paper if you cut through it singly. Make sure the edges of your paper are straight and lined up so you can punch through both two pieces of paper at the same time.  I used my lovely Anna Griffin deep edger punch.  Wrap your pressie, tucking one of your punched sides inside (handy if you have made any mistakes!).  Use double sided tape to glue down the edges.

Add ribbon to really make this parcel look incredible.  One piece of silk crush ribbon looks amazing, but before you tie your bow sit a piece of red crinkle edge ribbon on the knot of the silk ribbon.  Now tie a bow in your silk crush ribbon, and this will hold your red ribbon in place and really give it the wow factor.  You can use so many ribbons in this way.  Combine cheap ribbon or string for the main wrapping, and then trap expensive and stunning ribbons to complete the look.

I finished with two pieces of cinnamon which I held together with lovely red burlap, passed under the centre of the bow and tied in a knot, this will hold it in place and look wonderful.

A little Cosmic Shimmer gold pva to the edges of my punched border finishes your perfect parcel.


Linda Simpson said...

A beautiful parcel and loving the lace.

I hope you have a lovely holiday.

Linda xxxx

Carole Z said...

Beautiful parcel wrap Leone! Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

Hi I have loved your work over last few days, I've just heard from Barbara Grays blog that your not very well I've tried to send message re Facebook but it will not let me I would just like to say get well soon and we are all thinking of you xx
Love from Sam x Really miss you when your not on C.C.