Friday, 30 November 2012

Embossed Baubles

I really enjoyed making this card, especially as it really allowed me to play with one of my favourite products, embossing folders.

First we created our background card using distress stains.  I used blue and white, which gave a lovely winter feel.  Using the same distress stain blue, ink your snowflake stamp and stamp randomly over the card.  Allow the snowflakes to 'fall off' the card, this will give you a background look.  If you try and keep your snowflakes within the confines of the card, it will look contrived and planned without the natural flow.

Now emboss the beautiful Very Xmas Light embossing folder in the centre of the card.  You can see where you are going to emboss, so make sure it is in the right place, don't emboss it to close to the bottom or the top, or it won't look even.  Your card will need to be the size of your folder to avoid lines from the edges of the folder.  Now to emphasis the embossed bauble, use a light silver or white gleam over the image.  It is subtle and very pretty.

Using a fine glue pen (either a quickie glue pen or a sakura glue pen) add glue to each of the embossed areas.  Cover with silver embossing powder, this will stick to the glue only.  Don't worry if you haven't managed to glue all the embossed parts, you can see what you have missed and add more glue.  Cover the parts you missed with silver embossing powder.  Now heat emboss the powder.  It will really make your image pop out!

Stamp the message on a piece of scrap white card, and emboss with silver embossing powder.  Cut out the image.

Mat and layer a piece of silver mirri card on the back of the embossed card.  Cut a piece of white card substantially larger than your main image, and a silver piece of card bigger again.  Attach all the layers together.

You want to create two side pieces which will allow your card to stand!  I had a piece of card just 2cm larger than the largest layer.  Cut this piece of white card in half, and emboss a 1cm border on the side of the two pieces of card.  On the other two edges, stamp your snowflakes.  Stamp twice with one ink application to get a variation of colour.  Attach the borders to the back of the card, so when you open it up from the back you can see the stamped panels.

To finish your card, attach a piece of white crinkle edge ribbon at the top of the bauble, and a little stickles glitter glue.


Soo said...

I love this card and now HAVE TO HAVE that embossing folder.

Have a fab holiday!!

retrobabs said...

Thanks for the final card of the three , they were wonderful to make.
Barbara (morning workshop) the other lefty.