Saturday 13 September 2008

Bad Blogger!

Sorry, I've been a bad blogger recently. With being at QVC yesterday I completely forgot to do my challenge (tut tut), to be honest I got confused what day I was on (almost didn't go to work - could have sworn it was Saturday!).

Dawn and JJ came to visit us on Wednesday, had a really nice day showing them round Canterbury (and eating, cream tea - mmmmmm). My dad and my step mum are visiting this weekend, so didn't get chance to catch up.

Thought I'd better pop on to let you all know what I'm up to - with the promise that next week I'm going to improve my blogging and tell you all about a charity thing I'm doing.


Anonymous said...

wow Dawn Bibby in Canterbury
how un believeable it was great to know that you are there but The bibster
not that im a fan or anything !!!

Leonie pujol said...

haha, The Bibster in town......she manages to get out and about now and again - not in disguise either!