Saturday 26 December 2015

53 days now!! Crafty Countdown

Happy Boxing day everyone. I hope my post finds you well, and relaxed.  I know there are a lot of people suffering from all the flooding, my heart goes out to you, and I hope you and your hairy kids are all safe.

My countdown continues.  Yesterday was lovely, but that's my day off over!!  haha.  Back to raiding my mums craft stuff.  I have bought quite a few Hunkydory kits for mum over the years, so I decided to have a play with this:

Okay, the carrot cake was part of the inspiration!!  One needs fueling for this crafting. I picked the lovely poppies which pop out and allow you to form 3D flowers 

They are already pre-scored (great for drawing round and making a template from them).  Follow the folds, to give you a concertina fold

Fold two halves, and then stick them together.  Pop the end of the flower under the fold, so it gives you a tidy finish

And a lovely full flower

I used 3 flowers for this project.  And two different colours

I popped out the hearts from the book base, and the hearts from the decorative matching card

I glued them together, and then repeated this - so I had matching pages. I then laced the two pages together

When I got to the top, I looped the ribbon back through, to secure the lacing

I left a large loop, to use to hang my wall hanging.  Hide the edges of the ribbon under the pretty card.  I glued it with double sided tape, and cosmic shimmer glue

I then glued my lovely flowers on the right hand page

For the left I wanted a photo, so used a gold frame from one of the kits, and found a picture of little Charlie.  I made sure the picture had colours which would sit well in the frame - so you can see he has a nice red jacket on

We always talk about using all the scraps.  Well, here I wanted to layer another piece of card under the gold frame, so I picked this lovely green scrap

I glued the picture and frame to one corner, and then did a mitre cut at the ends of the card

I placed the frame onto the other corner of the scrap piece of card, and matched up my mitred corners, making it easy for me to trim the frame down so its nice and even

I planned my frame before I stuck everything in place.  I added adhesive ribbon, the sentiment and then the flower cards over the frame

Because I wasn't keen on the mirri frame, I added the cosmic shimmer PVA dots.  Different sizes look really pretty

To even out my wallpiece I added PVA glue dots onto the right hand side.  I also added a little gold glitter glue to the centre of each of the poppies.  I think it looks really pretty


Linda Simpson said...

This is wonderful! I love poppies and such a beautiful photograph of Charlie. Carrot Cake is a must to help inspire :)
Linda xxx

Anonymous said...

A lovely keepsake Leonie best wishes Jackie x

Margaret A said...

This is lovely..and the photo of Charlie is adorable. Everybody loves poppies..and carrot cake is my particular favourite. X

MFM said...

Well done. You have just shown us how to use what some would dismiss as a easy option crafting kits to make a wonderful piece of individual art work. Carrot cake obviously inspired you. M F M xxx

Pam B said...

Hi Leonie

Think I will have to dig out some of my hunkydory kits now, you are making me look at my crafty stash with new eyes, thank you. Lovely photo's.

Happy Crafting


karenlotty said...

Certainly doesn't look like it's from a kit after your makeover! Carrot cake is great for fuel Charlie looks a little dreamboat said...

Morning Leonie.
A beautiful Keepsake with a cute little one.
Thank you for the inspiration.
Take care Kitty.

julie_woolston said...

Absolutely beautiful Leonie, just love poppies, little Charlie is gorgeous.
Hugs Julie xxx

Myra said...

Hello Leonie,
What a lovely keepsake for a really cute little boy!
That's what should be done with kits like that one!!
Love Myra xx

Annie D said...

Gorgeous! I have that poppy set,must dig it out. Are you coming back to Create and Craft
In February??? Hope so, you are sorely missed everyone else there are too straightlaced!!!!!!

jac777 said...

How lovely Leonie! Did the family love it as much as I do? Sure they did. xxx