Sunday 20 December 2015

Crafty countdown ....50 something days to go!!!

Hello lovely crafters. I have to apologise, this isn't going to be crafty make posting....however I've a cunning plan :)

I'm going to ask you to participate in a challenge! The rules are, you need to tell me what to use, and I have to come up with a crafty project. I need. For instance , you might want me to use flowers, ink and brads. Or stamps, embossing powder and glitter. Or something random like wool, beads and ribbon. All I ask you to do is pick 3 items, I'll pick at random (not just the easy option), and post something tomorrow. The person I pick will win the finished project, and a little surprise.

The reason I haven't been able to post a crafty make today is, well I did spend the morning cleaning my carpets...but after that a group of us had a surprise party for Andy Love. We've had such a good day, but I'm in no state to be doing stuff with scissors and glitter! It could end up nasty. Instead, I promise to do my challenge tomorrow, and now I'll share some photos of the day :)


paperMona said...

Hi Leonie, looks like you enjoyed the party very much:)))
I would like you to use: flowers, dry or hot embossing and ribbon in your project.
Have a great day XXX

Myra said...

Hello Leone,
Looks like a great party!
My suggestion is dies and paint used on MDF! Would like your ideas on using dies not just on paper projects!
Thank you, Love Myra xx

Pam B said...

Hi Leonie

Looks like a fun time :) I would like you to use, ink, stamps and embossing powders

Happy Crafting

Pam x

hollyberry said...

It looks like a great party was had by all.
My suggestions are to use glitter,embossing powder and gilding flakes. Whatever you use hope that you have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi how about stencils, craft card and pan pastels.

Linda Simpson said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. My 3 items for your challenge would be embossing folder paint and flowers. Good luck!
Linda xxx

C said...

Probably a wise decision not to play with scissors after a party ;)

My three items for your challenge would be
texture paste
some kind of natural fibre (hessian, rope, twine, cheesecloth etc)

I am sure you'll have fun with whatever suggestions you chose and look forward to seeing what you make.. I shall be taking notes from the list of suggestions for future inspiration.

jean.phillips1 said...

Hi Leonie, I would like you to use your meltpot, stamps and lace!! Good luck! xxx

karenlotty said...

What a shame I wasn't able to get onto the internet yesterday SO I reall look forward to seeing what you choose to use and the end result
The party looked like great fun. I expect plenty of Proseco was had!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie, looks like a grand party. Don't know if I am too late as post has only just arrived from Blogger. My suggestion would be buttons, hessian or similar fibre and distress ink. Over to you
best wishes, Jackie x

Leonie pujol said...

Hi folks, I have used my random number generator, and it's picked No 7 - so that's:
texture paste
some kind of natural fibre (hessian, rope, twine, cheesecloth etc)
Better get stuck in :)

Sarah Brennan said...

Looks like a great party. Sometimes crafting has to come second; sharp intake of breath!!!! I would say - Manila Tag, Stamping, Grunge paste. (I don't count distress ink/paint/spray because they are a given ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi, think I may be a bit late leaving a comment but here goes anyway!
Nuts n bolts
Floor polish ( I've forgot name of it, sheens Douglass used it with ink n acetate ).
In the new year I'm going to set myself weekly challenges n concentrate on my blog but sometimes I feel I'm talking to myself,lol. Nothing new there!
I'm sure the followers of your blog won't mind if you miss a few posts over the festive season.
Happy Xmas xxxxx

Unknown said...

Oops just seen you already picked one! Can't wait to see your masterpiece. Xx

Diane said...

Lovely pics, looks like a happy day :-)
Shame I missed your challenge .....would have had to have a bottle cork as one of my suggestions ....looks like there might have been one or two spare ones to use!!!! Good luck with your challenge. look forward to seeing your combo....good fun x said...

Just Brilliant keep on having lots of fun

carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni looks like I got this after you'd done your challenge.. Love the photos x

Tracy Welham said...

Looks like an awesome party! Creative Blessings, Tracy x