Sunday 13 December 2015

Crafty countdown....65 days to go

Hi crafters, thank you for popping on by again!! This blog post is a little tricky to photograph, as its long!! I've gone down the real messy crafting this time - let's see if you like this, or prefer it a little more refined.

I've carried on with yesterday's theme, as I still had stars left, and love using the same products to get a different look. 

 I started with a piece of mdf (not Meg!!) that was already painted:

I arranged the stars and got an idea of layout. I then added stencil detail, using blue paint and a stencil brush 

Once I stencilled the whole mdf pieces I then added gesso with a sponge - this adds texture, but also allows me to see the stencil work underneath:

Next I wanted to use the same stamp I used yesterday, but wanted it to look different, so decided to cut it up:

I matted and layer the stamp images onto card, but the words which were difficult to cut out needed to be stamped directly onto the plaque, so I had to mask of the words I didn't want to ink. This is easily done with a post it note pad:

Next I threaded string through two of the holes, and threaded some of my stars:

The moon (which I have painted silver) was covered in glue, then popped into a tub of flakes. I then suspended it from string which I tied to the string at the top of the placque:

I quite like my swinging little moon:

Oops, I forgot, I also went round some of the swirls created with the stencil, with a black fine tipped drawing pen. This just emphasises the detail a little.

Next, I added my other stars and the words to make up the saying. I added glitter glue, and also glossy accents to the words. I brushed over with white paint to add extra texture to my design, and to give it that rough "sketchy" look.

Gosh, that's it!! To finish I blasted it with a clear super gloss varnish. Because I'm using mdf, the varnish doesn't shine as much as expected, but does give it a more professional, smooth or "sketchy and rough"? Have a play, and see what you like :)


Unknown said...

Like it wonderful so like what your doing hope to get to a work shop at some point soon hugs Joy xxx

jac777 said...

Lovely Leonie :) Soo loving your blog again & wish you loads of happeeeees for the future :)
Hope you can keep your blog're so inspirational:)

Pam B said...

That's so cool, love it

Happy Crafting


BridgetCG said...

Brilliant idea Leonie, love the moon. Bx

Cally said...

Another lovely piece of work.
Hugs x

whyducks said...

Love this.

Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous and great tutorial too. I can see how much you are enjoying getting inky mitts. Enjoy your time and so looking forward to seeing your new adventure in 2016.
Linda xxx

Myra said...

Lovely but I preferred yesterday's . However you are making me think! That's no mean feat in itself!
Keep up the good work - this year will fly by now!!
Love, Myra

Sarah Brennan said...

I love messy - not so keen on glitter, but paint / gilding wax / sprays / gesso / distress ink - the more layers the better. Love the way you've mixed stamping directly onto the painted MDF and onto paper which has been stuck on!

Margaret A said...

Like this one more...but both fab x

Margaret A said...

Like this one more...but both fab x

Tracy Welham said...

Love it! Creative Blessings, Tracy x

Anne Chilvers said...

Another lovely creation. I remember once I cut out the words from a stamp like you did when making a was one of those light bulb moments for me when I thought, "Hang on you don't have to use the stamp exactly as it is !"...just shows what crafting is all about x