Tuesday 22 December 2015

Only 57 days to go - the Crafty Countdown

Seeing as yesterday was an arty one, I thought today I'd do something nice and simple.  It's funny, as sometimes I feel doing a nice "easy" card is somehow cheating - but that isn't the case at all.  It's often nice to do something not as taxing - but put your own mark on it.  And just because something isn't "different" it certainly doesn't mean it isn't pretty or that work has gone into making it. So, after giving myself a talking too, I had a rummage, and found these:

These are from a CD which I printed off ages ago.  I think it was when I was doing a class for Crafters Companion.  I like working with CD's, just because everything is there at a click of a button.  I'm not generally a fan of doing decoupage, as I'm not really into cutting out - but I really like this image, so decided to have a little go.

I cut out the different decoupage elements to begin with.  I had printed these on card, so they are nice and substantial, and can be shaped if needed

I wanted to put my own spin on it, so I opened up the little window on the top layer

I then just took a bit of ink and coloured in the edges of the doors, so the white of the card wasn't really noticable

I then layered up the decoupage, using 3D foam

I then dug out some rub ons.  I really like these, they are a good size, and rub ons give that almost stamped look to your project.  And they go on a number of different surfaces...

....like vellum.  I popped the sentiment near the end of the piece of vellum.  I wanted a longer length at the left hand side, as I needed to hide the adhesive (with it being vellum, you can generally see any adhesive you use) - so pre-planned how I was going to attach it to the card

I cut the right end to form a tail

And the left side I cut into a point so it would fit through the window.  Now, I planned where I was going to fit my banner - but not how!  So when I came to feed it through the window, I hit the 3D foam.  I gently peeled the top layer of decoupage back up, and slotted the vellum under the 3D foam, which held it securely in place.  I curled the vellum a little, to give it a flowing movement.

You will see I popped the other message at the top of the card, and then got utterly carried away with my glitter.  It was in the sky, and on the top of the roof tops.

Finally I coloured the little hearts in the door red, so they stand out.  I'm really happy with this pretty little card :)


kittyedavies47@gmail.com said...

Hi Leonie.
Thank you a very pretty card,
and yes it is good to do something different for a change.
Take care Kitty.

carol edwards said...

This is lovely Leoni. Christmas as we all imagine in our minds, snowy, glittery, and magic. X

Linda Simpson said...

Beautiful card Leonie, love the gorgeous design.
Linda xxx

Unknown said...

Love this card, can you remember what CD it is from? I have checked the Crafters Companion site but I can't find it.


karenlotty said...

It is a very pretty card and so what if it isn't arty it still looks gorgeous You've stil had to deism the layout, cut it, etc

karenlotty said...

PS deism = design lol! It's the attention to detail too - like colouring the inside of the open window I like cd-rom crafting but mix it up with paint, texture, die cuts etc

Unknown said...

Robbie UK - was going to ask the same thing...... I recognise it but can't think what one it is, am looking through all mine but it's a slow process ;)

hope Leonie comes back with what CD it is on.

Gaz (who is not sure why I have to log in to google only to be told I'm unknown, yet it shows my email for follow up emails LOL)

Anonymous said...

What a delightful card Leonie and all the little extra ideas you have incorporated are genius. Happy Christmas Jackie x

Leonie pujol said...

Hi folks, thank you very much, I was really happy with it as well. Gosh, I'm so sorry Robbie and Gaz - I'm not sure which CD it was. I've got a feeling it may have been a Jayne Nestorenko cd, but I'm not 100%. So sorry, that's the only problem using my old stash! Good luck going through your CD's Gaz (and I don't understand why it makes you log into google either!).

Margaret A said...

Lovely..just proves you're versatile x

Margaret A said...

Lovely..just proves you're versatile x

Sue Boniwell said...

Love the why you've made this xxx

Unknown said...

Leonie, yep the CComp cd search was a bit of a bust. computer gave up about 1/4 way through.... not surprising for a windows machine (mac is 100% better) but...there was 119,283 images to go through. and that does not include if it were in PDF format.

so I'm going to go with it was a Jayne Nestorenko cd and I don't have any of those LOL

the login thing happens for all these blogs, no matter who the host, they want you to log in and then still put me as unknown or anonymous, never understood why it wants to know who I am if it's not going to use that info LOL