Monday 14 December 2015

The Crafty Countdown continues - 64 days to go

Evening readers.  So, to prove I don't plan (sometimes very annoyingly!!), this little placque morphed as I played and changed my mind.  Trust me, I do get really fed up with myself when I go off something!  It makes a quick project a thing of dreams.

Anyway, the inspiration this time was another MDF placque, and some little hearts.  I thought about what I wanted to do whilst I was trotting round the field with the dogs, and then set to work:

I decided to use a combination of paints, a lovely Lime green, lavender and haystack.  I applied them with a sponge, overlapping the colours slightly.  I then overstamped using a large line stamp, and black ink:

I also used a stamp to create a scalloped border at the top and bottom of the placque:

I then completely fell out with it, as I thought it looked to dark.  So, I added a layer of gesso, and then repainted the MDF.  I then stamped using a blue Distress Ink Paint:

Still wasn't happy!  Honestly, the paint layers.  So now I applied the blue paint from the left, and then dragged white paint in streaks across from the left, and then the right: 

That's better. Phew.  I painted my hearts with white paint, the lovely lime, and the same blue acrylic paint.  I used a swirl stamp "falling off" the placque:

Quite liked this, so decided to pop one on the other side, and then arranged the hearts to see what it looked like;

Still happy!  I looked at the blue heart, and realised the stamped image would look good continued onto the heart, so removed the other embellishments, and stamped onto the heart whilst it was in the finishing position, so I could get the stamp in the perfect position:

I edged my white and lime heart with the blue paint, and the blue heart with white paint.  Happy with my positioning I decided it was time to add a sentiment.  I stamped on white card, and then used the ink pad, which I had used for the scalloped borders, to create a piece of background card with perfect matching colours.

Matt and layer these together, and shape so you have movement in the flag.  Now I decide I want to add more lime green to my placque, for this I used a lid from my water brush. I dried it off a little with a heat gun, and then dragged the paint slightly.  I also painted the top and the edges of the placque with the lime green:

Next I added my ribbon at the top of the MDF placque, and tied two knots on the top of the placque:

Almost there!!  I added the borders, the hearts and the sentiment - but then I decided to add a little detail.  I used my drawing pen to add faux stitching to the borders; swirls to the heart:

And then, to emphasis holes in the border, I used a pipe cleaner.  This is perfect, as the size is right, but also the tiny little hair give it a bit of texture.  I got carried away, and then added lime green circles to the heart with the pipe cleaner!  Blob the paint on and twist the stick!  It looks great:

Finished.....apart from glossy accents on the Vision and the word Heart (this will still be wet in the photo's, but will dry completely clear.  I hope you like it.  I'm chuft with this one....finally :)


Lorna said...

Looks fab! Love seeing your daily blogs now! Check you!! Xx

Lorna said...

Looks fab! Love seeing your daily blogs now! Check you!! Xx

Linda Simpson said...

This looks fabulous, loving the background and sentiment.
Linda xxx

Cally said...

What patience you have. The finished result is great. Mine would have ended up in the bin :0)
Hugs x

Chrissie Roberts said...

Looking good Leonie! It is nice to read your blog every day

Margaret A said...

Its great how a project comes it x

Margaret A said...

Its great how a project comes it x

Tracy Welham said...

Great make & love the sentiment! Creative Blessings, Tracy x

Anne Chilvers said...

Love how you've gone through your creation process and shown how, if you're not happy with something, to try again and keep on going till you are happy ! It's a brilliant plaque, wish it was hanging on my craft room wall x

Christine Darwen said...

beautiful, the wording is lovely - need to go and create - Christine