Thursday, 16 October 2008


I have been doing other things as well as trying to get my charity stuff sorted. I've been working on some lovely kits from All About Crafts. These are really nice double sided papers, which I've jazzed up with alotta glitter - mmmmm. These cards are for QVC, so not in kit form I'm afraid - maybe I could do photo's and instructions and aution them! If it doesn't move it's a possibility for auctioning these days - obsessed, me.

Sorry, photo's are abit rubbish, but need to get posting on ebay this evening, and times ticking on.

Did some Uni work, mainly thinking again! My journal is full of thinking not doing - my pencils are just to nice to use really - they smell great.

Decided what I want to do for my first project - it's a weight off my shoulders. I'll get some photo's when I'm done - only have two weeks so uh huh....

Anyhow, here's some pics:

The swirl paper is great to make fabulous gatefold cards, just cut round the swirls and add glitter.


Crafting Queen said...

Beautiful cards, good luck with your fund-raising.

gillyflower said...

wow what stunning cards
just love the swirly one what a bril idea

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie,
Just wondering, now you have a new home do you have a new craft room too?! Would love to see some photos if you have.
Good luck with the auctions.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your good luck messages, it's going really well, and a learning curve for me (another one!).

haha, my workshop room. Do you know I was toying with the idea as Paula has a fab blog showing all storage idea's. Everyone's room looks so nice and neat and tidy. I should put photo's of mine, show what a working room should look like. Choas, confusion and mayhem!! haha. I'm not joking.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie!
Oh go on then, shock me, show us what a real craft room looks like! What sort of room would you like? I am more of a stitcher than a paper crafter but I guess with any hobby like that you get to accumulate more and more stash and it needs to get put somewhere. I love baskets, can't help myself when I see one I like. I'm not too keen on plastic storage, ok for Lego blocks though!

Well I will be waiting for updates on your room.


Creative Crafter UK said...

Unusual card - I like it! You can never have too many swirls on a card!

Leonie pujol said...

Hi Constantina,
Well I'd like a craft room that was bigger, with lots of lovely wood storage places and lots of windows - overlooking a big garden full of bird feeders (and hopefully birds!!). As it is I have a normal sized bedroom full of shelves which are overflowing, and just enough space on the floor to snake a path to my desk!! I love baskets as well, but unfortunately have to put up with plastic storage for now. I'm sure I don't need half the stuff I have, but it's all to pretty to de-clutter. I do attempt to sort things out but have no room to sort them into! Oh hum. I may be brave and take some photo's (I could always play with them on photoshop and cut out all the messy bits). Do you have a nice

Leonie pujol said...

ooops, keep doing that pressing return and it posta instead of moving down a line, sorry Constantina, I was going to say do you have a tidy craft room? I think I'd be able to get messy if I was a stitcher, lots of lovely materials, mmmmm.

Thank you Creative Crafter. I like to use the patterns on a paper, especially if it's double sided, so you make the most of the paper, and I have a thing for swirls!