Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I've promised myself an early night - and ended up on here - lethal. First it's my blog, then check how the auctions are going on ebay, have a look and catch up the ole emails, then check Facebook - then its sillytime am and my eye's are doing black hole impressions. Not tonight - just a little bitta blogging then I'm off. Be quicker if I stopped waffleing wouldn't it!!

QVC was good on Tuesday, feels like we haven't been in in ages, and I think Dawn was missed as the show went brilliantly. It was great having the competition winners in, the ladies. A big hello to Debbie, Louise, Leanne and Sue if your having a read. Sue shared some lovely paper folding with me, which I am going to perfect and pop on here. It was really good fun, I had a chance to be in control of the "real" mike - power!!

Now on a completely different subject, does anyone ever notice or read the links list people put on their blogs. I know I hardly do, I'm running an opinion poll to check this out. I recon no one does, so rather than putting blogs on there I'm going to pop blogs I have found in the main body of text, and I'd love you to recommend some good one's out there as well. I think we should try and aim for those not at the top of the list - as they have already been discovered - lets find some hidden gems.

The one I want to share with you today is a blog by Jukie.

Her cards are really lovely. I was really moved by Jukie's post when her mum passed away. She has a really important link regarding Bowel Cancer which I've promised myself to check out.

I like the way Jukie writes, and how her cards have developed over her blogging - she really shares her crafty journey. Have a look, and remember to share more gems with us readers.

(whooo, see in bed before daftoclock xxx)


Fab said...

Hi Leonie I use a stats analysis software on my blog and I can see from it that people will always leave my blog clicking on one of the blogrolls/lists I've created.

It's a useful service and since it's on the side it's always there if you start to put blogs only in your posts they will get lost as they get archived.

Just a thought really !

By the way guess which blog people click on the most when they leave mine.....yep that's it yours ! LOL

Take care

Leonie pujol said...

Hi Fabrizio,
Lovely to hear from you again. haha, love your comment - I'll take everything back, keep that blogroll going!!
take care,

Jukie said...

Gosh Leonie I am shocked and honoured thank you!

Clare said...

Hi Leonie,

i loveblog lists - you never know who or what you might find! Take a look at my blog - I've tsgged you! love, Clare x