Sunday, 23 November 2008


I've been tagged by the lovely Clare ( Now, if accepted, I have to list 7 random facts about myself - then of course tag 7 not thought about this for long, just going to dive on in!! Gulp....

1. My first pop concert was to see Toyah Wilcox. My dad took me, I was so excited. Not sure how old I was, or if dad was a secret fan and that's how he got the short straw to accompany me!

2. I spent my first birthday in hospital having an operation cos I have a wonky head!! Honest. I have the stitches to prove it. I think one of my neck tendons was to tight, so my head leaned to one side. The idea was to loosen it to straighten me up. Didn't work that well, it's still wonky, but the stitches are great.

3. I used to work in a Solicitors office, where I started a Legal Executive course. Unfortunately when my mum and dad split up my course suffered and I gave up. Funny the paths we almost take isn't it - imagine me as a Legal Exec! haha. Met some great people at Woodcocks, especially one of my best friends and partner in many crimes, Mandy xx

4. I just have one fab little sister, Marianne, and a step brother and sister, Douglas and Sam.

5. For my 21st birthday party my mum made me a Greenpeace Birthday cake. When she lit the candles the ships sails went up in flames! At the same party we had games like musical statues, great.

6. We used to have a ferret called Snowy. He was lovely, but did bite my toe once.

7. Me and my mate Lisa once went to learn Karate - we only went for one lesson as the teacher was abit smelly and we felt daft! I'll never be a black belt.

Now, for my 7 tag victims.........

Love tag xxx


Fab said...

Thanks Leonie for tagging me, Vince is well happy with your lovely compliments. He still can't believe that Dawn has kept his card (you know the hand drawn one of her). I was screaming like a banshee when I saw it being feature in one of those trailers on QVC. I'm his 'cheerleader' just love what he does and have put his creations on my Fab's Big Xmas cards challenge blog...yep it needed its own blog (will officially open on the 25th Nov) ! LOL Anyhoo thanks for visiting my blog and your tagging just gave me a good 'kick' to start to post more often.....yikes ! I still haven't updated since that halloween post ! Have you started your Christmas Shopping yet ???

Lindsay Mason said...

Hi Leonie - thanks for including me in your tagging. All these new things for me to get the hang of! I'll carry it forward...promise! Enjoyed reading your random facts and I suppose it's best if you don't think too much about it first. Speak to you soon! Keep warm! Lindsay x

Hazel (Didos) said...

Thanks for tagging me, ? what 7 facts to write about myself.Might have some more embarrasing than your first concert. Mine was Cliff Richard!!!!! Argh. Actually qwuite good for an old bloke! LOL Hazel xox

Joanne said...

You little monkey Leonie, fancy me getting tagged. I feel very special. Thank you. Loved reading your facts, you are so funny. Just one of the things I love about you. Better get my thinking cap on.
Joanne xx

Anonymous said...

Hi `Leonie`...`Thanks` soooo much for choosing me!!!!lol...
I loved reading yours!!!
Oh I had a little giggle....
Your def not wonky....Hope you forgave that ferret!!! and well...Glad you took up crafting instead!!!!
Have a lovely Week:)~X~

Clare said...

Hi Leonie!

Great to read a little more about you. Love the funny ferret story and about your sails catching fire! ha ha! love, Clare x

Sarah said...

Hi leonie great to know a bit BOUT YOU, HUGS TO YOU sARAH XX

Clare said...

Hi Leonie, I have something waiting for you on my blog, love, Clare x