Saturday, 8 November 2008

Book Binding and Printing

Another Friday another day at Uni. This time we were talking about our next project which is all about books. I love books. We are going to learn how to create different types of printing and book binding. How smashing and lovely.

The full time students did their presentations today (as they are ahead of us so already finished this unit). Quite a few of them expressed that they were not really interested initially in this section as they found books boring. What a shame. I love books, the feel, smell, illustrations and the invitation of the author into their world, to spend as long as we wish, whether to learn, escape, laugh or cry. Just one of the many, many things I miss about not having Jacob here with us, is I can't read to him. All those fantastic stories I can't share.

I have loads of idea's, again! I want to create something magical, so have started by asking people to write their letter to Father Christmas - and record themselves (or get someone else to record them - easier really), whilst they write, a close up of the formation of the words. I'm looking to have a film running whilst I do my presentation of people writting, I'll slow it down so we can see the construction of each letter. Sounds fun!! If anyone fancies participating then please email me - all letters to Father Christmas are welcome!! I will be using the letters as well in my final book (haha, I'm not just going to make people sit there and watch people write). Has anyone seen the Letters from Father Christmas by Tolkein. Magic.


caroline said...

what a fab idea,cant wait to see your results.
its so nice to see someone else get as excited about books as i do.

sharon said...

Yes I know that one - had it in my classroom. Must be packed away somewhere.... I also used to read my classes the Jolly Christmas Postman which was a similar format. Oooooh I'm definatly in a christmas mood now! xx

caroline said...

lo i still have my boys (now in their twentys)christmas jolly postman book in the book case at the top of the always take me back to how much we loved reading it together,in fact i was going to try and make an atc one for a friend

Anonymous said...

What a heavy heart you must have. Thinking of you Leonie.


-Agnes- said...

This videoing people writing thing sounds interesting - would love to hear more about it. What sort of course are you doing, is it a degree course in art?