Monday, 17 November 2008

Happy Birthday DAD!!!

Okay, he wanted it kept quiet but heyhoo, Happy Birthday Dad. I won't mention the age, not that it matters at all eh!!

We didn't have a big enough cake to support all the candles required though - hahaha.....sorry dad.

We had a surprise meal for him on Thursday night, which was great. Didn't manage to catch up with everyone properly (never do at meals do you), and we had to go home the same evening so I could make Uni in the morning, but it was still great.

Uni has also been great, we have been doing printing - screen printing, mono printing, dry point and something else that you use a smelly spray with! Brilliant fun. Me and Ashley were swots, and went in an extra day (whooo). We had a good giggle, and managed to work! Fab.

Only one whinge, my stupid car's not working properly - again. Grrr. It cuts out every time I slow down, so I'm attempting not to slow down - or jump starting on the move. I look like I'm kangarooing all the way down the road when I'm stuck in traffic. Looks like it's back to the garage, boo hoo, I'm much to skint to be having my car fixed!!

Just a couple of photo's of work I did on a kit that was in the last QVC show, love the papers in this one.

The photo's of me and Carly were taken by Paula, she's as good with the camera as she is with her crafting - brilliant xx

Me and Carly on Dawn's Portugal crafting holiday, having a well earned cheeky beer (mmm in the sun, how lovely).


Joanne said...

Oh! your dad has just had the birthday I'm having next month - if I read his badge correctly - so watch it with the age remarks!!!!
Luv you really. xx

Ed said...

Congrats to your Dad Leonie, I reached wrinkly 60 a couple of weeks ago - still craft as much, don't think it's affected me much cept I have something to blame now for my goofs :-)

carley duff creations said...

happy birthday Dad
the pic of you is better than the one of me, im look like a moon face (all them puddings eh)
love you