Sunday, 23 November 2008

Whooo Charity and Angelina Fibres!!

Well folks, the Charity Auction is complete!! Thank you to everyone who has contributed through my Justgiving page, ebay or on my blog. Between us we have raised £346.69. I'm really chuft, I know the other companies who were part of the Halliwells Corporate Challenge may have managed to raise a bit more, but hey, they would have had a big team, whereas it's just been me and you guys. Of course I do need to say a massive thank you to Kathy and the Personal Impressions team, without them I wouldn't have had all those gorgeous goodies to auction, so recon they're officially part of the team as well. Give yourselves a round of applause!!

As for the blog candy, I wrote all your names on little pieces of paper and let Nicky draw the winner, so congratulations to JOANNE, your goodies will be in the post this week!! Hooray.

I've also managed to put my recent photo's of some work I have done with Angelina Fibres and metal flakes on Photobucket, and I'm really hoping when you click this link it will take you to my slideshow!! haha, who knows however, it may took me yonks and I'm not 100% what I've actually done!

Now I've got some catching up to do with newies for my ATC club, and also blog awards (more whooo's), so best be getting on.

Thank you again to everyone for your help.


Joanne said...

Whoo too! I've never won anything before so am as pleased as punch. Thank you Nicky for pulling out my name and thank you Leonie for such fun over the last few weeks. I managed to buy some of your Ebay goodies.
Joanne xxx

Kim Costello said...

Great tutorials with the angelina fibres and metal flakes. But your link didn't go direct I just copied and used it in a new window!