Thursday, 21 January 2016

27 days remaining - a poem to share

Hi folks. Before I talk about this evenings blog entry, I've decided I will be pulling 5 winners of the finished pieces out of the people who have subscribed to my blog. For those of you who may not have been reading since the beginning of this crafty countdown, at the end I will be giving away all the projects (apart from a couple) to lucky is something I'm still pondering. Apart from 5 of you of course - that's plan number one. So, to follow the blog you simply need to enter your details in the relevant section to the right.

Now, something a little different. I wanted to share a little poem I wrote ages ago. I was going to use this for a stamp, or a paper - I might yet, I'll see what you think. Obviously it's me, so it has to be a little dark and twisty.

I decided to use my gelli plate to create the background. This is the first time I've used my plate!! I've literally had it years. I knew I'd love it - why didn't I give it a go sooner!! Ridiculously good fun and cool..

My first print was a bit rubbish, and I immediately wondered what was wrong with the Gelli plate - naturally, couldn't be something I'd done wrong....duh, I forgot to remove the cover.  Things went much better after that was sorted :)
The clean Gelli plate

The dirty gelli plate.  I applied two colours of acrylic paint, and also a gel medium to allow the paint to stay wet longer. I used a brayer to spread the paint over my Gelli plate

and then, just play.  This is so addictive.  I was gutted I started my blog post a little late today, as I haven't really time to mess about.  There's so much you can do with this.  I used stencils which I stuck into the paint, and lifted back off again, so leave their impression

This is another one I did actually, for this one I used a paper stub and a piece of circular card to add different patterns

I took one print, just using copier paper, and then applied a little more paint.  Not much, just enough to fill a few of the gapes

 This is a couple of the prints.  I must admit, they do look a lot more effective in real life. You can really see the markings and variations in colour

I then decided to write my poem on top, using a design I read in the Somerseat Studio's magazine - I think!!  It's really easy.  Just draw curved lines, and allow your lettering to reach the line.  It keeps the printing "in the lines" so easy to follow, but looks very arty.  I used a pencil and drawing pen

I'll write it again, just in case you have trouble reading the squiggly writing: 

Horace the Spider crept up
and said, 
"Tell me little girl, do 
I fill your heart with dread?"

Lucinda turned round, 
a smile spreading wide
"Why no, dear spider, 
do sit close beside."

Horace, not normally one of woe; 
Felt a chill run down his back, and replied,
"No, thank you, I must go."

The moral of this story, and do take heed
No matter how pretty 
and sweet
a girl may look
Never presume the contents
from the cover of a book

I will finished this off by either putting in a journal or on the cover :)


Linda Simpson said...

I have been playing with the Gelli plate prepping for my demos in Frankfurt next weekend it was so much fun. I love the backgrounds toy created and love the poem.
Linda xxx

Jane Royston said...

the poem is great! I love my gelli plate, although I really do need to use it more x

karenlotty said...

I like the look of the gelli plate but can't justify getting one as I do a lot of cd-rom crafting (I love my Serif!) You've created some great effects. You obviously get texture too. Your poem is brilliant, I wish I had half of your talent. I love how you've written it out too. As a youngster I used to "borrow" my dad's Letraset catalogue and practice doing all of the alphabets
I missed yesterday's card, how you've changed it all is sooo clever

Ruthieroo said...

The gelli plate is so addictive, Leonie, and you end up doing hundreds of prints so you have no floor area to walk on!!! Love your poem, how talented you are. Love, Ruth

Margaret A said...

Love your poem..and very clever writing it like that. X

Margaret A said...

Love your poem..and very clever writing it like that. X

hollyberry said...

Don't have a gelli plate but it might make its way onto thecwish list which gets ever longer! The patterns and texture you seem to get are amazing. You are so talented,writing poetry on top of everything else! The poem is great and the way you have written it onto the background looks really different.
If only I had a tiny bit of your talent!

Cal Shrive said...

Love the background you made with the gelli plate, But your poem... It's Brill!!! I love how you've written in on top of your art work. this is something I'm definetly going to try. Thank you for your ideas Leonie :) x

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Leonie, Like you, my gelli plate is still in it's wrappings. I really must get the time to 'play'. I love how you can make fantastic backgrounds with just a bit of paint or ink and stencils or stamps. I love how you have done the 'poem' and used squiggly lines, very 'arty', and the poem is brilliant and has a fantastic 'meaning'. Thank you for sharing your techniques.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni, I've not got a hello plate though no doubt give it time. Like how you left the cover sheet on that would be me!!!. Great design and squiggly writing tip so good too. Your poem has a real meaning, well done x

MFM said...

I too love the Gelli plate but do not use it enough. You have made me dig it out again to have a play. That's what your blog does, makes people want to play. Carry on the good work Love M F M xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie a Gelli plate is not something on my wish list as I'm not really an inky paint person but I love the way you have included the poem so that is an idea we can all run with. Best wishes Jackie x

lilian said...

Hi Leonie, have no jelly plate , might have to get one.
Love what you have done with yours
Love the poem, very arty
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Unknown said...

Ah Leonie..yet again something so very different and brilliant...I thought you were a fab crafter on c when you were allowed but obviously it was only scratching the surface of your crafty skill. I can imagine you reading your Poem aloud in your trying to be serious voice! It's lovely and the writing so where's me Gelli plate?...xx

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks Leonie, I have to admit that I had no idea what a Gelli Plate was and how to use it.You are so talented.This needs framing, I love the poem.

Tilly Rose said...

Looks fun my lovely!
Loving the poem also :)

We need to have a catch up cuppa and a little creative play!
let me know....
Tilly x

Myra said...

Beautiful Leonie and I love the poem! Xxx

Pam B said...

Hi Leonie

Haven't been able to get on for a few days problems with tech stuff, nothing new for me, paper and pencils are more my thing, I love what you have done with the geli plate, I don't have one and will possibly not get one as my craft room is bursting with things that I haven't even used yet, So I can't justify another purchase for a while, your poem is just brilliant, really liked it, such a talented soul you are :))

Happy crafting


Diane said...

Wonderful- both print and poem. And love this style of writing I had little play with it on my blog sometime ago, not quite as easy as I first thought it would be, but it really suits the mood of you poem.
P.s haven't got a gelli I need one????? I'm thinking yes!

Katrina Bufton said...

What a fab poem, love it. Your gelli plate prints look great, I need to get mine out and have a play.
Katrina x