Tuesday 12 January 2016

Craft Countdown - 36 days left. 36!!!

I know, what is this.  A post before mid day (well, it's not mid day at the time of writing).  I managed to really crack on this morning - it seems panic has well and truly set in, and the amount of things I need to do before it all begins has really hit home :)  PANIC.

Haha, it'll be fine.

Yesterday was a sad day.  Whilst I craft I listen to the radio generally, and radio 6 had so many amazing tributes to Bowie.  I didn't really care what was on TV, or going on at the CHA.  The radio just suited my mood to mourn a great loss for art and music.  Today they are playing more variety - but thankfully there's still alot about Bowie on there - it feels just right.  And crafting was more pleasurable today.

A lady on Facebook (sorry, I've gone and forgotten who posted the request!), asked me about making cards for men.  This is something I haven't touched on.  I'll do a series of them - I think.  As long as I don't get bored.

The first card I have made for chaps, started with this lovely little wooden bike and a piece of cream card:

I stamped the word Dad

And then tore the card.  I wanted quite a controlled tear, to I used a water brush and ruler to create a line of water, which allowed me to tear the paper with ease and control

Next, I embossed a scrap piece of cream card using  a Tim Holtz Alterations folder

I almost left it like that, but wanted to add a bit of colour.  I used a couple of colours in different blue tones.  I had a sponge dauber, which I dipped into the paint, and slammed down onto my card.  The slamming makes the paint splodge out (technical terms again).  I love this look. The one that hadn't splodged enough, I took a cocktail stick and dragged some of the paint out

I then took the end of a cardboard roll (old Christmas paper tube are good for this) and dipped it into the paint.  

I added a few circles of paint onto my card

I was really trying to not fall into the normal trap of matting and layering - or just not being able to stop adding "stuff".  It's really tricky to keep a card quite plain, and I do love the effect - but just find myself adding and glittering! I did allow myself to go round the edges with the paint

I then added my embossed card into place.  At this stage I decided the splats were to low on my card.  To late, was the cry.  Nah, just chop the top off your card.

I wanted to staple the ripped paper onto my card, but the left side obviously can't be reached by my regular stapler, so I added the staple to the paper, and then glued it to the card

I stapled the card at the right side

And then clued my little bike in place

Couldn't help myself, I did a little bit of doodling on the Dad card

Finished.  It's a nice, simple card.  Pretty happy with it.


Jaccards said...

Great card for the men today, Leonie.............why are they so troublesome to make cards for??? Love your techniques, but think I might struggle as not that messy in my crafting, I have splat stamps so might try something similar using them. More please xx

julie_woolston said...

A fabulous card Leonie for a male, love the design.
Hugs Julie xxx

Linda Simpson said...

Brilliant! I love the technical terms you have used and love the design.
Linda xxx

Margaret A said...

Great arty card for the men. X

Margaret A said...

Great arty card for the men. X

DeckleDeb said...

It was me who asked you on Facebook for men's cards Leonie. Thanks a lot for doing some. Deborah xx

Tracy Welham said...

Very sad, the death of a true legend! Fab, simple but arty, I love it. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

hollyberry said...

Simple but different and very effective card for those troublesome men.
Agree with Jackie that am not usually that messy in my crafting to consider the splats but then maybe I should as good to move out of the comfort zone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie love the description of the make though not sure about the paint on this one. Best wishes Jackie x

karenlotty said...

I love the splatting and splodging! Makes a great effect Will have a go sometime I might have to do it in the kitchen or bathroom so I can clean up the mess! Like you said David Bowie was a true artist

kittyedavies47@gmail.com said...

Hi Leonie.
Thank you so much a brilliant card.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni great arty card, simple but effective. X

Tracy May said...

Great card Leoni - I love that little bike. The paint/ink splatting looks like great fun too. Oh and handy little tip about drawing a line with a water brush - I didn't know that thank you! :-)