Sunday 24 January 2016

24 days _ Crafty Countdown. Playing with Egg shells.

Honestly, playing with egg shells.  This is what I love about the challenge.  It makes me use something I would never have imagined adding to my crafty stash.  And I have absolutely loved this technique.  You have to try this.  So easy.  So effective.  It started with scrambled eggs, and then the shells were left to soak overnight.  This is interesting, the plastic cup I soaked them in disintegrated! You can see from the photo how it has essentially cut the plastic in a perfect line!  It's okay, the egg shells were fine.

I cleaned the solution from the egg shells, and peeled off the membrane inside the shells.  I then decided to use the tissue part of the challenge.  I also decided to use this GlazOn from StazOn.  I've never used this before, so thought it was a good time to experiment

I applied a layer of glaz to a piece of acetate

And then sprinkled mica flakes

and gold leaf

I then ripped and scrunched pieces of tissue paper which I stuck into the Glaz.  I added Glaz on top of the paper where necessary, to make sure it's completely stuck down

Now, leave this to one side to dry

I decided to use a MDF frame for my egg shells

I used acrylic adhesive, this is one from Debbi Moore.  I just did a little at a time, as the glue is strong, and quite quick drying.

Take your egg shell and lay it into the glue.  Then squash it down onto the frame

It cracks, and basically gives you an instant mosaic!  How cool is that.  I used a cocktail stick to move it round and spread the shell out where required

It comes together really quickly.  Don't worry about the glue being to thick, just try not to let it spill all over the shell

Even before it's painted I think it looks good

I had a look at the colours on the acetate sheet, to help me decide what colours I needed to use for my frame

I decided for warm reds and brown tones.  I then added my alcohol inks.  I haven't use these in such a long time.  I love the way they move and spread

I used a nice red, butterscotch, and a brown.

I must admit, the colours arn't captured in the photo.  They are very effective

I checked the background again, to make sure it looked okay.  At this stage I was still unsure whether to use my background on the smooth shiny side, or the textured rough side

Next I took a little wood heart

If I add alcohol ink directly to it, because it's so porous, the ink just sinks into the heart.  Apply a sealant to allow the alcohol ink to move and blend.  I used Mod Podge.

The last item in the challenge, was rub ons.  These are an old product, and Sheila was right, I've got some!  The are still really creamy and worked beautifully.  They are very similar in application and the results, to gilding wax

This is the frame before

And this is after the Rub Ons.  You can see the sheen.  You can see from this photo, I have also decided to go with the textured side of my acetate, and backed my frame onto black card

Now I started to layer.  I popped a die cut

Then string

Some more foliage die cuts

And then I found a lovely button.  Of course it needs alcohol ink.

I added this to the corner with Pinflair glue gel

I also added my wooded heart, and a little piece of lace 

I dug out a spiral, and stampled the word love.  I edged the card with the rub ons, and glued in place

And then changed my mind - and moved it.  I also stamped Life, which I added on.  I then decided to add Glossy Accents to my frame, heart and sentiments.

I added wire to the top of the frame, so it can be hung.  And a few wire coils inside the frame.

Egg shell mosaic.  Who knew it could be this cool!!  Thank you for the challenge Shelia, if you send your address to me I'll get this in the post for you.  My email address is


Dawny P said...

Leonie I absolutely love this - the colours are gorgeous. I might just have to have a go now. Well not now because it's late, but very soon. Thanks for sharing xx

Unknown said...

That's lovely leonie. You are clever.x

Unknown said...

That's lovely leonie. You are clever.x

jac777 said...

Absolutely love your artwork today Leonie :) And Sheila, thanks for thinking of the idea! Wonderful. & well done to you....& Leonie for the fab demo :) xx said...

Morning Leonie.
Wow That project is brilliant.
thank you, Take care and have fun Kitty.

Jane Royston said...

That is really clever and looks lovely x

hollyberry said...

You certainly stepped up to this challenge. This really is amazing. Love the whole thing and who knew you could do such amazing work with egg shell. I have no excuse not to try this with the girls in the back garden.
Thank you for your inspiration Leonie.

carol edwards said...

Wonderful Leoni how you taken 3 simple things and created a little masterpiece. X

Paper Art Memories said...

Stunning! Also very clever UAE of egg shells xxx

Paper Art Memories said...

Stunning! Also very clever UAE of egg shells xxx

Kay said...

That is just amazing. Love it.

Cumbrianlass said...

That is simply stunning Leonie and a wonderful tutorial.
Hugs Janet xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Leonie, I can'g get over the appearance of the 'eggshell mosaic', it looks like hammered copper, I love it. You have reminded me of the 'rub ons', I have some of these lurking at the back of a drawer, I love the effect. Your challenge has turned into a 'Work of Art'.
Lots of love from Patricia xx
PS I can't understand how the egg shells disintegrated the plastic container xx

Katrina Bufton said...

Wow, your frame looks amazing. I'll have to have a go at this. Please can you tell me what you soaked the egg shells in?
Katrina x said...

Fantastic me thinks eggs for tea today. My Daughter has put 24 craft items from my stash in a book box . I have to take one random thing each day (like an advent calendar) I have so much craft stuff that I haven't used in ages feeling quite excited . By the time my box is empty You will be ready to tell us your news .
Hugs hazel xx

Myra said...

Hello Leonie,
Wow! This is fantastic . You are so clever. Who knew a mosaic could be made from eggshells! This is a real work of art.
Thanks for sharing! It's really really important that you share your wonderful talent with a much wider audience! Can't wait! Xxxx

Anonymous said...

Wow how brilliant is this. Who would have thought egg shells would make such a wonderful mosaic. So congratulations to you Leonie and also to Sheila who will receive it. Can I just ask though, did you just soak the shells in cold? hot? water or was it something else. Many thanks Jackie x

Linda Simpson said...

WOW this is fabulous! Another technique I have to try! Love this gorgeous frame and beautiful design.
Linda xxx

Chris Patterson said...

What a fantastic result Leonie..brilliant xx

JackieCou said...

Well, I don't know how you do it! Who would have thought that could,come from eggshells! X

janet said...

That's so clever.. Did you soak the eggshells in just water to release the membrane? Bit of a scary effect on the mug!! Love the end result.

lilian said...

Who would have thought egg shell could look so good, did you use scissors to neaten the edge.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Welsh Dors said...

Hi Leonie,
Gosh, egg shell? Really? Who knew? All the money spent on texture products and you get a fab result using egg shells.

Margaret A said...

Egg shells..amazing !!

Unknown said...

It's super dopper fantastic xxx

Diane said...

Absolutely love how you created the eggshell frame ...well done Leonie you were spot on with the challenge ....and you included healthy eating !!! If you do it again I promise I will include a wine bottle as one item.....obviously it would have to be empty !!!!😁 x

Tracy W said...

That is smashing, no pun intended! Creative Blessings, Tracy x