Thursday 7 January 2016

41 days to go on the Crafty Countdown

Oww, I've slipped back into being a bit late with my post this evening - so I'll attempt to type really fast!

Today, I hadn't a clue what I wanted to do.  I wandered round, waiting for inspiration to take hold, and then found some peel offs.  Peel offs used to be huge.  When I worked in Dawn's shop, we literally had a long wall covered with peel offs.  There was something for every ocassion (however, you could guarantee someone would come in and ask for a left shoe, in green, with a white shoe lace :) ).  Putting the tops on every single sheet was soooo time consuming - but this enabled us to hang them up.

However, as with everything, in time, they fell out of favour.  When I found this sheet of peel-offs, I thought lets have a play.  I was intending to colour them with my alcohol inks - but they are in a safe place - so I colour tinted them with acrylic paint instead.  I just dabbed on the paint and then dried it with my gentle heat gun - I was careful as I didn't want to effect the peel off or the adhesive.

I gently peeled the first flower off, and popped it onto a piece of lightweight white card

One of the peel offs was just the outline of the flower, which allowed me to fill in with the "waste" of the flower

I used the paint to colour the petals in - watering it down so the peel off stands out.  I'll admit, I only did this as I'd got paint everywhere so needed to cover it up :)

I then decided to do a bit of doodling in the open space.  I used a drawing pen, and had a play

I then decided to doodle on the larger flower as well, so I can layer the flowers up

When I was happy with the flower I cut it out.  As you can see the white of the card shows around the edges, so I used the paint to go round the edges so they blend in

I then decided I needed a doodle for the flowers to sit on.  I had to do quite a quick doodle, because otherwise I would have been happily doodling all night!  I added a flower stem, and a swirly leaf

I added my flower to make sure the composition looks okay.  But look at that mucky card!  I managed to get paint, how to cover it up

I took the end of my pencil, and dabbed it in the paint, and added dots on the card to cover my splodges.  I then framed the card with a squiggly line.  I love this, as you don't have to be artistic, or even have a straight line.  Dots and dashes make all the difference.

I added some circles, and also the Happy Day, coming off the stem

Again, I popped the card together, to see how it looks.  I decided the bottom was to long after the stem, so trimmed a little off, and added my line back in.  

To complete my card, I simply mat and layered it.  I added another line around the white card, with a few more squiggles for good luck

Yesterday I forgot to take a photo of the paper roses I made - here they are.  Look okay don't they, considering they are just brown paper :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie I have a box full of peel offs so thank you for the idea for having a play to use some of them. Jackie x

Margaret A said...

I agree..didnt think of using alcohol markers on my old peel offs. Yay..well done Leonie. X

Margaret A said...

I agree..didnt think of using alcohol markers on my old peel offs. Yay..well done Leonie. X

karenlotty said...

I have had a pack of the Pinflair flexi peel off go ages! I never use them these days I might just have to try psinting them....I love what you've done with these flowers Would never have thought it was a peel off I love the bit of Zentangle too
The brown paper roses look good Very impressive said...

Hi Leonie.
Just magic thank you.
Take care and have fun, Kitty.

hollyberry said...

A real WOW card especially when you find out it is from peel offs,paint and some doodling. Have a large number of peel offs around somewhere and this would be a great way to use some of them. Only thing is have never managed to get the doodling thing right. I look at yours and it looks amazing but when I look at mine it just looks a mess to me.

carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni you are very clever and funny and make me smile. Love what you've done with the peeloffs. Never thought of using acrylic paint on them and they look good and so does your card X

Unknown said...

Brilliant idea to paint the peel offs, I never thought of using in paint, I've used alcohol markers but always seem to get the ink on my hands lol. Love the flower n composition of the design. Keep up the good work. Xxxx

Tracy W said...

Yay, another revival for the peel-offs! I know some people think they are old fashioned but as Carley Duff once said "There is no such thing as old-fashioned products only old fashioned ideas." This is definitely a modern idea and coupled with the zentangle it works perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

Myra said...

Oh Leonie, There's a blast from the past - Peel Off stickers! I found a box full of them the other day!
Love what you have done with them. Will see what I can up with for my Monday children to make! Thank you! Xxx

Wheely Bad said...

Hi Leonie

Found this post via Twitter, I haven't made the humble peel off the focal point of my card in years! I'd have never thought of colouring it with acrylic paint either (love the colours). This would make a nice little 'sofa' activity I think, I'd stick the peel offs onto pieces of card stock ready to doodle/ Zentangle on. I'd also like to try something more messy and altered with them too. Maybe I need a new saying for 2016- "peel offs are not just for sentiments"!
Thank you for sharing a great idea with an old favourite :-)

Linda Simpson said...

Gorgeous card, love how you have used the peel off and loving the doodling too. Those roses look wonderful too.
Linda xxx

Chrissie Roberts said...

Lovely card. A great way to use all those peel offs and lovely roses too.

ginny c said...

Bet everyone has peel off great idea

magpie said...

Wow! I've got tons.....thank you Leonie! Fantastic work of art using peel offs! xx Love Karen xx

Sarah Payne said...

You are such a clever bean xxxx

Sarah Payne said...

You are such a clever bean xxxx

Anne Chilvers said...

This is lovely. I worked in a craft shop and we had lots of peel offs too, but like you said there was always someone asking for something that we didn't have ! I think they're understated really, we used to build certain designs up using acetate, very effective they were too ! I have quite a few in my craft room so will have to have a dabble x

julie_woolston said...

What a brilliant creation Leonie
Hugs Julie xxx