Sunday 10 January 2016

38 days left to go!

Good evening's been a long day today.  Nothing to do with the Prosecco last night I'm sure.

However, I did manage to finish my challenge.  Here goes...

I attached the lights in place behind the paper cut to sit inside the milk carton.  I used strong double sided adhesive

I then popped holes next to the lights so they will shine through

I fussy cut tiny little Oz's, and covered them with glossy accents

I then took the rest of the paper from my Graphic 45 pad, and cut out some of the words and adverts

Next I began to paint the milk carton.  I gave it a coat of gesso first, and then painted it black.  I also combined it with a little cream paint, so it wasn't just a flat black tone

I glued the paper inside the box.  I made a base, which I also covered with the advert paper.  I fussy cut a witch, which I stuck in the box at the back, so she will peep over Dorothy's shoulder.  The red shoes were a bit of a faff!  I cut them out then attached them to a piece of wire.  I threaded the wire through the side of the egg box, and then attempted to get the red shoes hanging in place.  

I then added Dorothy.  To attach the elements in place I used paper anchors - just pieces of folded paper does the job

I cut the witches stripey legs out, and fixed them in front of Dorothy, and then cut out some poppies.  I popped some inside the carton. I tied a piece of black, then green ribbon ribbon around the base, and sat another couple of poppies at the front of the ribbon

I then had a play with the lid which I thought needed something on the top.  I ended up deciding it didn't :)

Instead I just tied another piece of ribbon around it.  Now adding extra embellishments on the outside of the milk carton.  You can see from this photo, the wire from the shoes.  I added more tape to make sure it was secure

And I also added one of Tim Holtz thingies.  Not sure what they are called.  It's essentially a clip to hold one of my paper confetti 

I cut out "There's no place like home" and coloured it with one of the Spectrum glitter pens.  It's a clear pen, but has a lovely sparkle, which I hope you can see it in this photo

I added one of the adverts, to cover the wire and tape, and made sure it bends around the corner of the milk carton.  I also add paper confetti, and one of my glossy Oz

When I had finished adding all my embellishments, I then went over the empty spaces with gilding wax.  This is the Pebeo gilding wax, and goes on so well.  It gives a fantastic finish, and is very addictive.  I wanted to keep adding it!  It does really emphasis that texture created with the newspaper

I added another one of the paper clips inside the box, with another sentiment cut from the pad

I liked the key, and looped this onto the green ribbon

Had a break, well a few breaks today to be honest!  Look at Dylans' lovely face :)

And there we have it.  A milk carton.  Some newspaper, and then (a bit of a cheat), but a form of word confetti.  I hope you like this Donna, as it's yours.  Please send me an email with your name and address so I can get it in the post for you:


karenlotty said...

Oh Leonie it's fantastic! said...

Hi Leonie.
What can we say it is just Brilliant.
You have lovely hairy kids.
Take care Kitty.

carol edwards said...

Wonderful Leoni and so is your fur baby too x

Kevonacrafts said...

Morning. Oh my gosh I won the challenge. And it's beautiful. Thanks Leonie ( have sent you an email)


hollyberry said...

WOW Leonie this is wonderful and must have taken a long time. I certainly would never have come up with something like this.
Donna well done and enjoy your win.

julie_woolston said...

Oh wow Leonie this is absolutely amazing,
Hugs Julie xxx

Anonymous said...

A brilliant creation Leonie. I'm worn out just reading it. Congratulations Donna on winning it. Best wishes Jackie x

MFM said...

Love the creation, and Dylan. As your gorgeous furry friends and prosecco seem to appear quite a lot in ýour blog I think the next challenge should include both. Could be an interesting project. Love M F M xx

Anne said...

Fabulous project - something a bit different.
Awww look at Dylan, what a lovely boy :o)

Anne x

Linda Simpson said...

WOW this is amazing! Love all the details and step by step.
Linda xxx

Margaret A said...

Work of art. X Well done Donna for thinking up the challenge x

Margaret A said...

Work of art. X Well done Donna for thinking up the challenge x

Tracy Welham said...

Oh wow, this is awesome, so inventive, you certainly tackled that challenge with lots of creativity. Creative Blessings, Tracy x