Wednesday 6 January 2016

Crafty Countdown - 42 days left

Afternoon crafters.  A nice early post today.  I'm off out to the pictures this evening - figured I can't chat through a film if I've a bad throat!!

Yesterday a lady, Aine, commented that it was good seeing a card that was just made using paper - as it does cost a lot to build up a stash of dies and punches, and the like.  Obviously over the years, we do accumulate a lots of craft stuff, but when we're starting out, there's only a limited amount of things we can purchase.  With this in mind, I thought I would do another paper card.  This time, I've drifted back to being a bit more "arty" and altered.

First, I started with ordinary brown paper:

I decided first to make some paper roses.  If you haven't done them before, they're really easy.  Just cut out circles (sort of circles).  I cut two at a time

Cut a swirl into the circles.  Again, it doesn't have to be perfect.  I avoid making it to thin, as I find it easier to work with.  Leave a circle at the end, which will be in the centre.

I folded over the coil - again, not perfect

starting from the outside, start to wrap the coil round.  As I was working, I kept the fold in the paper, and added creases and scrunches to the paper

when you are happy with the flower (don't be afraid to let it go and tease it into shape.  You may find you have spiraled it to tightly, so need to let it spread out a little).  Leave the circle of paper you have left at the end of the coil, and cover it with glue.  You will then be able to stick the rolled flower onto this circle.  That's your little rose done....which oddly I haven't taken a photograph of!  Sorry.  I've not even used that was a random section of this blog post wasn't it.  Welcome to my brain.

So, completely moving on...I took my base card which I've decided I'm going to use, and then fished out loads of scraps.  I've seen a technique where people use tape on their card, and then paint over.  This gives a great textured finish.  I thought I'd try it, but using strips of card, as I always have so many bits left over

I worked out where I wanted them to sit, and then glued them in place.  I picked different textured card as well

I then used a little bit of paint.  This is just acrylic paint, so try any.  Experiment with ink pads, watercolour paint.  It doesn't even have to be craft paint.  I splodged it on with an old towel

Next I added string to my card.  This will be the stem for my flower.  I used Cosmic Shimmer PVA

Next, using the brown paper, I cut out little petals.  I folded the paper over and then cut it out so two petals are still joined.  I did trim the slightly larger one down so they are all similar.

Next, I folded the petals over, but allowed them to be off set slightly

I then layed one on top of the other, to form my flower

I cut a little base for them (there's a technical flower name for this :) ), and glued the petals inside

I then made sure they looked okay on my card

Sorry, this picture is rubbish!!  I then painted them with the same paint I used for the base.  I used the lighter peach colour first, and tipped the petals with the blue

I glued the flowers in place when dry.  I did shape them, and used Pinflair so they stand off the card.  I then used the end of a paint brush, and white paint, to add little dots onto the piece.  haha, this picture is the paint brush

And here are the dots.  I decided they were a bit much, so, using a cocktail stick, I scratched the paint to create smears.  Make sure you do this when the paint is still wet

I quite like this effect.  Scratching with the cocktail stick gives a nice texture

I then cut out little leaves, and stuck them to the stem.  And then a little piece of brown paper cut into a scallop which sits at the base of the flower head

Grrr.....this drives me mad.  When I'm working with paint I ALWAYS put something in it.  Everytime.

I then, relaxed, and added some glitter glue to the ends of the petals

I used a lovely stamp, which I trimmed after the comma

And attached to my card.  I used my drawing pen to add some scribbles to some of the raised portions.

Viola.  Such a cheap make.  This is just brown paper, paint, scrap card, one stamp, ink pad, glue, and paint.  Oh, and a paint brush.  I think that's it.  Oops, glitter glue.  But a little different and definitely fun to do :)


Unknown said...

That's so clever! Another technique that can be done without having everything! You're a star Leonie, thanks very much.

Unknown said...

That's so clever! Another technique that can be done without having everything! You're a star Leonie, thanks very much.

Quirky Shepherd said...

Loving your blog and great to see new posts regularly x

Linda Simpson said...

WOW I love this, my favourite colour combination and beautiful sentiment too.
Linda xxx

Paper Art Memories said...

Loving this one Leonie xxx

Paper Art Memories said...

Loving this one Leonie xxx

Unknown said...

You do make me laugh and I really am enjoying your blog.Still counting the days down with you.

Jaccards said...

Brilliant, am so glad you have the time to blog a lot now, loving it all xx

Anonymous said...

I looked at this and thought of those undersea things that look like flowers....its lovely

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie another great make and so little needed in the way of stash which is the bonus. Thank you for the idea. Best wishes Jackie x

Katrina Bufton said...

This looks amazing, the wording is the perfect finishing touch.
Katrina x

Margaret A said...

Amazing how the scribble lines brings it all together. X

Margaret A said...

Amazing how the scribble lines brings it all together. X

karenlotty said...

Brown paper! Brilliant! I love how you've painted the stems to blend into the background. I've done the masking tape technique and will definitely have a go with scraps of card. I hope we'll see a project using the roses you made too. I haven't done these spiral roses in a while. Thank you for the reminder.
As Pebeo gilding wax was on show yesterday, that it's your preferred choice of gilding wax..?

Carol S. said...

Stunning card and love the flowers. The design and use of papers are brilliant. Hugs, Carol S.xx

jac777 said...

Fabulous card, yet again Leonie...& so inspirational :) I'm just loving your countdown, too! Thanks :)
Jac xx
PS - I get sooo excited when Amazon deliver something small in a big box, as they use yards of brown paper as packaging rather than all that plastic giant bubble stuff :)

hollyberry said...

Another amazing creation Leonie and the main things used are brown paper and scraps. Who would have guessed it if they hadn't read your good describing what you have done. Loving all your countdown blogs and like so many others have missed you on TV and can't wait until you are back. said...

Hi Leonie.
Just pure genius.
Thank you so much.
Take care Kitty.

carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni love today's post. Very clever but simple steps, thanks for sharing. X

Tracy Welham said...

So creative, love it. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

MFM said...

brilliant will be having a try at using some of my scraps up. Thanks for inspiring.
M F M xx

Jan said...

This is wonderful. Will be copying this one xxxx

Diane said...

Spot on Leonie......sometime ago I had a blog about cardmaking without using any specialist equipment and and you have just proved how brilliantly that can be done. Fantastic and totally unique.
P.s long may your brain wander....but I do hope that stunning rose gets a showcase of its own :-) x

ginny c said...

That's great love this especially what you have done with the string

magpie said...

Oh wow! fantastic Leonie x Love the step by step photo's of how to do it x I know a few young 'uns who would love to do these techniques. Thank you Leonie xx Love Karen xx

Theresa said...

oh wow! stunning and to think it is made from brown paper! genius xx

Ann White said...

is the screwed up paper going to be rocks ?

Baroque duJour said...

I have just had a great laugh, really enjoyed this post and lets hear it for brown paper, I love the stuff. Got to the bit where you said 'Viola' and I went what?? that must be what she is calling the picture or the flower and then I got it Voila!! Love your style!

Anne Chilvers said...

This is beautiful and true crafting in my opinion. Love the idea of the different panels, I have loads of scraps so may try this. Brilliant ! x