Friday 29 January 2016

19 days to go - and the challenge is complete!

We're in the teens.

I did my random number generator to find the challenge, and it came up with 24 (I have taken into account the emails I received as well.  The winner of the challenge this week is Myra.  Thank you for the challenge, Myra, this is what she has asked me to use this time:

"Hello Leonie, 
I like that machine too! 
My three things are washi tape, domino and charms! Xxx"

Off I trotted to look for the goodies.  I don't have any dominoes (pizza!!) but I did manage to find something very similar.  They are called Style Stones, and were released years ago.  I'm not sure if they are still produced, but Stampboard will work in the same way.  I decided to use 3, which is just a bit bigger than a domino

Before I started I just wanted to see how they would look if I scratched the ink back.  So I added alcohol ink, allowed it to dry (you can give it a blast with the heat gun to speed up the drying process

When you scratch the ink back the image pops out.  I just used a pokey tool

Next I used a couple of pretty stamps from Clarity, which I stamped and embossed with white embossing powder.  I kept all the plates together so the stamped images go over the whole tile collection.

And then I decided to play with inks.  First I tried the versamagic pads.  I do own so many ink pads, so it's nice to have a play and just see what they do on different surfaces

I dabbed the ink on, building up the colours

I blasted it dry, and then made my first boo boo :)  This is stupid - don't use a cotton wool ball to remove the ink from the embossed image when you've just used a heat gun.  I could have worked out that the heat gun melts the embossing powder again, so therefore it will be tacky.  Cotton wool ball = hairy!!  It's okay, I picked off the fluff.  And then used tissue to wipe away the excess ink

I then decided to have a play with these vibrant Vivid ink pads.  I gently applied these, just dabbing a little colour on my tile

Again you can blast the ink dry.  I then scratched the surface to create texture

I decided to use the washi tape to add the word "Free".  I picked part of the washi tape that wasn't to heavily printed, and stamped on top 

I tore the tape at the top and bottom of my stamped word, as I like the frayed effect

I tested it against my tile to see if I would be able to read it, then popped it to one side

Now, lets really play with scratching.  I worked in the spaces left by the embossing powder.  I love that you don't need to be precise or perfect with this, and it still looks cool.

Myra wanted me to use charms, so I dug out the other earring.  I love these little charms!

I did add a little more ink.  The edges have been inked with alcohol inks, as it's so quick, and I couldn't resist adding a touch round the edges.  I also added washi tape to the side of the top and bottom tile.  I popped my Free in place, and did go over it with my drawing pen.  

I strung them together using wire, with pretty beads in between each tile.  I doubled the wire over to make it stronger

When I reached the end, I created lots of twirls

Finally, I added my charms.  Really chuft with this little wall hanging.  I will add glossy accents to it - but decided to photograph it before otherwise I would have to wait ages for the GA to dry

I took photo's on the white card as well, as it does look different on there.  


Diane said...

Great project!! Love the use of the style stones and who knows you could start a whole new trend with the "hairy" look!! X

sheila joss said...

That’s so cute and would look lovely as an accent hung in a bathroom.

Unknown said...

Wow! You can actually create something gorgeous out of anything! I have loved following your blog each day and seeing what you make and how you build it up from nothing. Thanks Leonie :) xx

Jacki Daniels said...

What a great project Leonie love it and a tough challenge to pull off to ~(well it would have been for me lol) love it

Sarah Brennan said...

Must get out my stamp board now I've seen this. Love the colours and the scratch effects.

Joanne said...

Leonie you rock x

Anne said...

I really do not know how you come up with these ideas, Leonie. This is just delightful.

Anne (Northampton)

carol edwards said...

Love the hairy cotton balls bit, you certainly made me laugh. Great project though, love the colours and end result. X

Kevonacrafts said...

Wonderful. You are truly inspirational. I hope where ever you end up that you continue to share these sorts of creations. This blog is great.


Anonymous said...

Don't know how you do it but a lovely wall hanging. Really pretty. Have a good weekend best wishes Jackie x

karenlotty said...

So impressed I love it! Tough challenge and you've created something really beautiful Those tiles look very interesting I wonder if you can still get them said...

Hi Leonie.
thank you just beautiful.
Take care Kitty.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Leonie, Wow !!!! I wish I had your 'thought process', this is absolutely stunning. Well done !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hollyberry said...

Well you certainly pulled off another challenge,where do the ideas come from?
The hairy embossing made me giggle. Love the colours of this project and the end result is beautiful.

Heather Treble said...

Hi Leonie,
What a beautiful project, I love the way that you have used the inks and scratched away some of it.
Thanks for sharing,

cardmakerkb said...

Love the colours and such a great little project. I think hairy embossing could be a new thing especially for animal designs. Maybe I will give it a go? x

Katrina Bufton said...

This looks fabulous and the colours really pop with the white background. Love the technique of scratching off the ink.
Katrina x

Magic Maggie said...

Leonie! This is gorgeous and just shows what you can do with loads of bits - I have quite a few washi rolls and never know what they are good for, but I will look at them afresh now. Thanks.


Maureen Killen said...

Whoa Leonie,
How come I've just found you? Love today's project, and have been looking back at previous posts, which are great.
Did some stampboard with Dawn about 10 years ago and bought some from her shop, which I've never used!! Now where did I put them lol.
Maureen xxx

Myra said...

Hellooooo Leonie!
Wow! I couldn't believe you had picked my challenge! It was a bit cruel really !
What you have created is absolutely gorgeous!
You are so clever! I work with children each Monday and I have lots of washi tape and bought old dominoes in a sale - thinking I could do something with those!! Ha ha! Thanks for the inspiration! You really are clever!
Love Myra xxx

Chrissie Roberts said...

Another lovely piece Leonie. It is wonderful joining you on the last lap of this journey to new beginnings.

Margaret A said...

It must be busy inside your head 😂 you always come up with something stunning 😊

Margaret A said...

It must be busy inside your head 😂 you always come up with something stunning 😊

Cal Shrive said...

I have never heard of these stones, I will have to see if I can buy some because I don't think my kids will be happy if I pinch 3 of their dominoes Lol. I love how you put things together and come up with a beautiful piece of art work! It's gorgeous, I love the vibrant inks you used too, I wonder if these are still for sale too, might have to go shopping!! Thank you for sharing Leonie :) xx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Leonie x