Friday 15 January 2016

33 days left - paper crafting with Bo Bunny

This post has been tricky!!  My computer isn't playing up, and the photo's have taken soooo long to load, so I apologise if I don't write as much as normal - but the computer is seriously in jeopardy of flying out the window :)

33 days.  Not long now!!!

Okay, so today I found a lovely old Bo Bunny pad.  The beauty of working with a pad of papers, are the corresponding colours.  They work together, which makes life easier to begin with

I cut a mat down to fit my square card, leaving a small white border. I picked my next piece of paper, which I trimmed down so it was the same height of the card

I found the centre point of the paper, by folding it and putting a tiny crease in place.  I then cut the paper from the top corner to the centre, and repeated the cut from the other corner

I creased the card to create a fold, and stuck it to the back of the card.  This is the side which the card opens on.  I remember this design from Hot of the Press, many moons ago - but I really like it, so thought I would have a go

This now folds over to the front of the card.  I rounded the point off.

I then added a piece of paper to the left of the card, making sure I didn't add adhesive to the right of this piece of paper, so I could tuck the flap in place

Next I die cut some flowers and began to shape them.  I folded the petals in half, and then layered the blue onto the yellow

The bottom layer I rolled the petals back, and glued this on the bottom 

I also cut a green layer, and just did a bit of faux stitching around the edge

I then cut one of the flowers down, as the petals are basically little hearts.  I did some faux stitching around the edge of the hearts.  I did the same with some blue hearts as well

Now, playing with positioning again.  I moved things round, brought different papers in - just to see what I liked.  You'll realise if you are a regular reader of my blog, that this is something I do a lot.  It's the best way of seeing what looks good.  And the photo's do help me make up my mind

I then decided to add some sentiments.  I found some old rub ons.  I love these.  I popped them onto the decorative paper, and then cut round them leaving a nice border

I added the Love topper onto the end of the flap.  I glued the left side down flat, and the right side, I used 3D foam to lift it a little

The little hearts were placed on the right side of the card, going down the flap

The flower was eventually placed in the top left hand corner.  I used the paper to create little bow tails, which I also faux stitched

When you open the flap there's a lovely space to pop a sentiment, so I placed another sentiment here - again using the rub ons, and then two of the little hearts

Finished.  A very easy paper and die cut card

For a change I decorated inside the card.  Just using a scrap of the paper, a couple of the hearts, and another rub on


Linda Simpson said...

Love the design and layout, beautiful papers enjoy your weekend.
Linda xxx

MFM said...

Love the design of this. A little different once again.
Looking forward to the next masterpiece tomorrow.
M F Mxx

Ann White said...

I love this kind of colours etc....cannot believe only 33 days to go :) :)

hollyberry said...

Gorgeous design,love the flap from the right. Makes it just that bit different.
Just over a month to go. Can't wait!

DeckleDeb said...

Lovely idea for a valentines card.

Margaret A said...

Nice bright papers...never had much success with rub ons tho. X

Margaret A said...

Nice bright papers...never had much success with rub ons tho. X

Margaret said...

Hello, Leonie :-) Have just found your blog! I had to go back through it to find out what the countdown is about! I had wondered where you had gone - having not seen you on TV for a while - so was glad to find you here and obviously enjoying being creative. Looking forward to finding out where we will see you again. Mxx

Ruthieroo said...

This is gorgeous Leonie! Definitely going to try this. Can't wait to see you back on tv , glad it's not long now! Ruth x

ohjay said...

brilliant again, my friend Catherine was asking about you last week, had to explain you were charging your batteries(unofficial version) and we will see you soon, wherever that may be but not long now xx

Ann said...

Fabulous card really like this design I used to love all the Hot off the Press

goodies gorgeous unusual shapes etc and templates for everything proper crafting

hey Leonie :-)

Thank you for all your inspiration

Not long now

Take good care

Luv n hugs Annxx

karenlotty said...

Such unusual colours but they really work . I love how you've chopped the flowers up to make hearts. It will make me look at my dies to see if I can turn any of my flower dies into hearts! WoooH! just over a month to go. It'll pass in a flash said...

Hi Leonie.
Thank you another very inspiring card.
Leonie, I may be a bit thick and I know you have left C&C,
and you are going to somewhere else, but why do you have to do all this work, to prove how talented, lovely and funny you are? Can't they just be glad to have you?.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni another project to get me thinking of using stash I have. Love what you have done simple but clever.x

lilian said...

Hi Leoni, great cards, I am determined to use lots of my papers this year,thanks for the inspiration.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie, the end result of your play is so charming, made me smile. I am really enjoying seeing your thought process in pictures this is going to help me I'm sure in the future. have a good weekend, Jackie x

Unknown said...

Really enjoying your blog leonie. It's so inspirational using stash that may have been hanging around for a while,rather than exercising our spending urge! Crafting at it's best. Clare x

Unknown said...

Really enjoying your blog leonie. It's so inspirational using stash that may have been hanging around for a while,rather than exercising our spending urge! Crafting at it's best. Clare x

Tracy Welham said...

Gorgeous, really pretty papers. Creative Blessings, Tracy x