Wednesday 27 January 2016

The crafty countdown brings us to 21 days remaining!!

21 days.  Twenty. One. I remember being 21 like it was, well 20 odd years ago, and to be honest life's  considerably better now, and I certainly never imagined where I would be back then.  At 21 I was working in a solicitors, and a supermarket (as the wage was so bad at the solicitors).  I had my first house, and no designs to be working on TV and designing craft products!  Life does offer some amazing twists and turns doesn't it.

I remembered I hadn't shared photo's of the resin.  The first one is a piece of fimo which is encased with the resin.  I think it would be better if it had filled the whole mould

The next one has photographed that well, but in real life this looks lovely.  It's a piece of embossed paper clay (dried) , and some mica powder.

This is black glitter, with a couple of stars inside.  The stars have disappeared a little on the right side...

But I like the way you can see the star really well on the wrong side.

This is pretty, gilding flakes and little stars.

I like this as well, Tiny little micro beads.

The larger pieces are still a little sticky - and they got a little dusty (I forgot to move them when the windows were being ripped out!!)

This is my favourite.  It has photographed well I'm afraid.  I love the colours and the depth of the embellishments.

Well, tonight I decided to make a nice quick card, as I'm a sleepy bunny and need to get myself an early night.  I picked some papers which were really just scraps:

I used an acetate overlay

And a scrap piece of patterned paper

Out of the paper scraps, I cut the sentiment, Follow your Heart

And cut three paper ribbons

Using my pokey tool, I rolled the paper at one end, and the other I cut into a flag.  Repeat this on the other two ribbon strips

Ink the edge of the paper gently, and stick onto a black mat and layer

I popped everything in place to see how the composition was looking, and then glued into place.  As I am using acetate, I glued the paper ribbons in place on top of the acetate, and then applied glue under these paper strips, on the acetate.  This is enough to hold it in place, but will hide the glue

I added glitter and liquid pearls as a finishing touch


karenlotty said...

OMG Fantastic stuff Those resin I eves are all beautiful My fav is the last one too Ypur card is lovely The acetate really gives a different effect - now where's my acetate...

Unknown said...

Yes,very nice. I think I should look through some of my old books with doodles in and use them the same way. Thanks Leonie.x said...

Hi Leonie.
Wow you are one very talented lady.
thank you for all the Brilliant inspiration.
Your projects and the card is lovely.
Yes Leonie life is strange, If you knew me you would be amazed at me using a computer.
The next thing the kids are determined I shall learn to use and own a mobile phone. I am terrified of this computer.
Any way have lots of fun and take care Kitty.

carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni love all the fab resin pieces. I just love how you take off bits and manage to make something great from it. You certainly are a talented lady.x

hollyberry said...

The resin pieces have turned out really well. You say the photos aren't good but they look good to me,all are beautiful in different vways but the last the most interesting.
Today's card is lovely. As always you make us think out side of the box as they say,taking anything you can lay your hands on and making a work of art out of it.

Linda Simpson said...

WOW these have turned out brilliantly. Love the designs you created. A beautiful card too.
Linda xxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Leonie, Your card is fabulous, I love your compilation. I'm loving your piccies of the resin pieces, they all look beautiful.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anne said...

The resin pieces look beautiful, especially the last piece. Love the card.

Anne (Northampton)

MFM said...

The resin looks brilliant. Never tried it so on the long list of things to try later.
I bet you're glad to be out of that office and crafting for a living. Well done you.
Hugs M F M xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie all the resin pieces have turned out so beautifully and even though you are tired you just pick up a few pieces and make a wonderful card. Thank you. Best wishes Jackie x

Leonie pujol said...

Thank you everyone, your comments are lovely. I really love the resin - although I should read up about it. My favourite one is still sticky, and I don't know why! Read instructions properly Pujol :)
I love your comment, Kitty, it sounds like your kids are on a mission to get you using all the technological devices! Well done you for giving it a go, and using the computer, even if it is a bit scary. They're quite difficult to break really :) xx

Tracy Welham said...

That piece with the bird in exquisite! Great card too. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

Pam B said...

Hi Leonie

3 weeks to go, time flies doesn't it. I love this card, nice and fresh looking, brilliant

Pam :)x

Unknown said...

Lovely, would like to get into resin (like I need to add more crafts) but never know what resin to get?
all the ones I find are USA - what brand are you using Leonie? or what type. I know they are generally two part but are some are 50/50 mix and some 40/60 or such.


Gaz (as I'll sign in but show up as unknown as normal LOL)

Diane said...

Love your card - really great design....pretty good for a sleepy bunny!!!! And resin fantastic, it's something I've never tried....need to though:-) x

sheila joss said...

lovely resin things, especially the last one and the one with the hidden star. Thats a good card too, and yes, I must pull my printed acetate out!!

janet said...

I like the resin with the gltter stars the best of the 'plain' resin pieces but the egg-shell piece is amazing. It'll look good as jewellery , on a cord or chain perhaps? It's a great idea to use the odds and ends to make a card too. I have a folder of unfinished projects, like most of us, as well as a bag (OK 2 large boxes and a couple of bags....) of 'bits', so your card is quite an inspiration to actually get them out and use some of them to make something! Thanks Leonie -I think...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Leonie some fabulous makes xx