Tuesday 26 January 2016

Oh Gosh, only 22 days!!!

Another day almost gone! 

I'm sorry, but I just had to crack on with the egg shells!  I just wanted to see how they would look if I used resin, so that was the challenge for today.

I did give my piece from yesterday a spray with Crafters Companion Spray Shine, again to see how it would work.  And the glossy accents has dried, so I took a couple of extra photo's.  If you do want to see how these are done please see yesterdays post:

I definitely prefer this one with a shiny finish.  It would make a good jewellery piece now.  I think it needs soldering around the edge, and maybe a bit of fancy wire work on the front...that will be up to however wins the piece :)

Now, onto today.  I decided to use a couple of elements from Spellbinders.  I like these, they are very substantial, so feel expensive.  The first one I added glue and then shell directly to the metal:

I used the same glue, which worked perfectly.  This is the one from Debbi Moore.  If you have Cosmic Shimmer, this will work as well

I used exactly the same process.  I just make sure the shell went up to the edge and in the corner, as possible

I then dug out the alcohol inks, and just added colour.  I didn't take a picture of the finished piece after the colour, sorry!

I raided my jewellery, and old watch parts which I bought off ebay yearts ago - and have been hording as they are so beautiful - I'm letting go!  Quite cathartic. I arranged the elements before adding my resin

I haven't used resin much at all (maybe once on air with Sarah!), so this was an experiment - and me being me, I didn't bother reading anything other than the basic instructions.  I mixed the resin, and then added to my piece.  I love the way it settles and domes.  It does take around 6-8 hours to harden, so I will have to leave them before I show you how they look tomorrow

The second one, I backed the inside with a thick piece of card before applying the shell - just to see if this made any difference.  It didn't really to be honest.  When I had finished, I used the same paints as yesterday - these are the Crafty Notions paints, I adore the colours.  I also added a layer of Mod Podge when complete, just to ensure everything is glued and sealed

Thought I'd sneak this one in - no windows!!  It's tricky working today - it'll be worse tomorrow as it's my craft room :(

I added some white dots, and then decided to see if I can stamp onto the tile.  It was one of those moments - you know, you are happy with the piece and know this could ruin everything

I used StazOn, you can stamp on it, but the surface isn't even, so just be aware of that

I then decided to add the resin - but couldn't resist seeing what it would look like with pearls dropped in!

I just need to leave them to set, and show you the results in the morning.  As I had made up all my resin, I had to use the left overs, so added stuff to my mould.  The top left is a piece of fimo, see what that looks like

The next one I mixed black glitter and silver stars

I then added quite a lot of gold leaf, and silver stars

Okay, we have to wait!!  I like this, and then doing the big reveal tomorrow.  Fingers crossed one of them turns out okay.


julie_woolston said...

Amazing effects Leonie, I must have a go with egg shells.
Hugs Julie xxx

karenlotty said...

OMG! Who'd have thought eggshells could be so effective. I don't have many arty products but I'm going to have a go. Well done Sheila for an "off the planet" idea And to you Leonie for crating some beautiful projects

Unknown said...

Lovely Leonie and different, but what I would like to know is what àre you doing with all the eggs your using lol ☺ looking forward to the final count ☺ xx

Unknown said...

Lovely Leonie and different, but what I would like to know is what àre you doing with all the eggs your using lol ☺ looking forward to the final count ☺ xx

hollyberry said...

It must have been one huge omelet you had,either that or you are on a steady diet of eggs this week.
Again lovely and amazing creations,can't wait to see the finished results tomorrow.

Jacky H said...

It's a wonder what you can find in the kitchen.
Lovely results.
Leonie don't wish your life away.

sheila joss said...

Chickens all over the UK will be on overtime!! my shells are soaking, they are naturally blue and deep brown with speckles...will be fascinated to see the results of your work today. I hope you haven’t got the wind and rain if your windows are out.

Anonymous said...

More woeful creations. Thank you for all the ideas Leonie. Best wishes Jackie x

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry that should say wonderful they are definitely not woeful!

Cal Shrive said...

22 days and still counting, we all can't wait to hear your lovely news and wish you well for the future.
Your projects today are absolutely gorgeous and so inspiring, I want to try this myself, would you be able to use acrylic paint with this method and then put mica powder over the top? or would the mica powder seperate and float to the top of the glossy accents? Many thanks for showing your great creations Leonie. Calx

kittyedavies47@gmail.com said...

Hi Leonie.
Beautiful Thank you. Take care Kitty.

Linda Simpson said...

WOW Leonie these look fabulous! Looking forward to seeing the big reveal. Oh my word time is sure flying and so exciting for you too.
Linda xxx

Anne said...

I have been checking out your blog for some time now and thought it was about time I started commenting. It has been great seeing you use your stash with such great results. I am looking forward to seeing you back on our screens - I hope that you will be allowed to "play" as you have been recently.

Anne (Northampton)

Myra said...

Leonie these are gorgeous! I have stuff like this in a box somewhere! I haven't used the melting pot in ages either. Thank you very much for sharing! I'm guessing it's a bit on the draughty side with no windows! Xxx

Margaret A said...

Its great to see you enjoying something new. Hope it wasnt too cold without your windows x

Margaret A said...

Its great to see you enjoying something new. Hope it wasnt too cold without your windows x

MFM said...

Just brilliant to see original crafting. Hope the window goes in soon.
M F M xx

janet said...

What great fun ! I love the 2 oval pieces -can just see them wound with a copper or maybe an aqua coloured wire in spirals.......
Can you make holes in the resin pieces to turn them into jewellery? The gold leaf piece would look wonderful. Still trying to find what you soaked the eggshells in. Can you repeat the instructions please???

Pam B said...

Wow, this is fantastic Leonie and so cost effective, most of us use eggs and now as my egg is cooking I can think of all the crafy things I can do with the shell. Brilliant,


carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni fabulous ideas and results. Just shows how inventive you are and using simple egg shells. Thank you see

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Leonie, Wow !!! you have definitely got the 'bug' with the eggshells, the effects are stunning, I would never have thought it !! I'm looking forward to the big 'reveal'.
'No windows' brrrrrr, although it has been quite mild lately, but the wind might be a problem !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Unknown said...

Looking forward to seeing your results from the resin. I've had a bit of a play, but not with anything like inks or eggshells! They look fantastic.xx

jac777 said...

Stunning Leonie :) xx