Monday 25 January 2016

The crafty countdown - 23 days remaining!!


Had the haircut today.  Now need to sort the nails.  Oh good grief.  The nails.  Currently they look like I've been digging for potatoes....

Tonight, I had to carry on playing with egg shells.  Who knew that would become an addiction.  I wanted to play with different paints to see the effects.

I found 2 MDF pieces, one I painted black, the other I left, and started covering with the egg shell (please refer to yesterdays post for instructions how):

The first one I coated with Mod Podge to glaze and seal it, to see if this would make a difference

I then used stunning paints from Crafty Notions.  I needed the smallest touch of paint to get this incredible lustre

The second piece, I used Pebeo gilding wax.  I found the results were better if I dabbed them on as opposed to rubbing them on

I then decided to see what would happen if I added embossing powder.  I inked the tile up with Versamark, and then covered with clear Ultra thick embossing powder, and melted with my heat gun

I added 2 layers of the clear embossing powder, and then got a lovely blue powder ready.  When I was melting my 3rd clear layer, I sprinkled the blue.  I did this whilst the clear layer was hot and molten - this results in the blue powder beginning to melt on contact.  I still had to give it a blast with the heat gun to make sure it was thoroughly melted

I then added a little red, and a little green.  Add the embossing powder as though you are spinkling a little salt - this allows you to layer the colours and stop when you are happy.

The first tile has been drying. I then applied a lovely rub on, which adhered beautifully

Doesn't it look good.  Yep, wish I'd left it there.  But no, I have to carry on.  I wanted to add glaze, so I decided to try the StazOn GlazOn.  However, the bottle was playing up, and wouldn't flow properly, and when I did manage to make it come out - it was full of air bubbles.  It looked a mess, so I had to sponge it all off :(

You can see the texture sponging the glaz off has created.  It also pulled off some of the paint, annoyingly

I added a little more paint, and removed any excess that covered the rub on.  I then added a thick layer of Glossy Accents. 

This is a photo of the embossed piece.  I'm going to leave it as is, and then whoever wins the pieces will be able to decide what they would like to do with it

I love the colours of the embossing powder

I edged the piece with gold gilding wax, which finishes it off beautifully

The other tag is now waiting to dry.  I managed to add  a little gem just in the centre of the flower

You can see the depth of the glossy accents

I'm looking foward to seeing how it dries.  Lets hope I've put it out of the dogs path!!


lilian said...

Hi Leonie, just love this egg shell "technique " looks like real mosaics.
Love the painted one.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

Nicole Bretherick said...
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Nicole Bretherick said...

Oh wow Leoni this is amazing!! I have never seen this before can't wait to give it a go , totally amazing ! Xx

Margaret A said...

Think it might be ommlette for dinner it x

Margaret A said...

Think it might be ommlette for dinner it x

Brunemma said...

I love these. It is wonderful to see your creativity in everything you do, like a balloon has burst and freed up your creative brain. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of your projects in the future.
Thankyou for the inspiration that you are passing on.


Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea live it xxx

Sarah Brennan said...

We needed to buy eggs anyway. Honest! Looks like egg mayonnaise for the school sarnies next week. Loving the effects. They are so different even though they have the same starting ingredients - egg shell and MDF. said...

Wow Leonie you have had lots of messy play, with some brilliant results.
take care and keep on having fun, Kitty.

carol edwards said...

Hi Leoni, lots of inspiration here and to think they started out from a humble egg. Really creative stuff going on here and you so seem to be enjoying every moment. X

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Leonie, I can't believe what you have created here !!!!! the finished pieces are stunning, absolutely stunning. You're really into the 'egg shells' now aren't you !! I think we are all into it too hahaha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hollyberry said...

I think that you have started a new craze and an egg shortage in the country!
Two amazing pieces,both gorgeous,both started with the two same items but so different at the end. Love them both.

Tressa said...

Good grief! Who knew how you could recycle egg shell in this way? The end results of your playing around have produced some lovely pieces of work. Congratulations!


sheila joss said...

egg shell mosaic jewellery....who knew? I have got some lovely blue eggs, also some brown speckled ones....must try this...

1963hunny said...

I've made lots of small gift items with egg shells for years. Key rings, bag charms broaches etc. I always sell out at craft fairs.

Amanda Openshaw said...

These look amazing Leonie. I need to buy eggs! It looks so beautiful with the embossing powder. Xx

Sue's Crafty Corner said...

I found your blog a little while ago but this is the first time I've commented. But after seeing your amazing pieces with eggshells, I just had to stop and tell you you how much I like them. I loved the frame you did yesterday and today's offerings are fantastic. I think this is a technique that I will be having a go at.

Sue xx

Linda Simpson said...

WOW these are fabulous and loving the technique too. Thanks for sharing.
Linda xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh my Leonie these pieces are absolutely beautiful. Knowing where to start would be the problem for most folk but I love the way you just think I wonder how this will look and go ahead and do it. Free spirit doesn't begin to describe you. Best wishes Jackie x

Tracy Welham said...

What a great technique! Creative Blessings, Tracy x