Thursday 28 January 2016

Throwback Thursday/challenge - and only 20 days to go

20. That's just over two weeks. That gives me palpitations!! 


Okay, I've got loads to do today, so we're having a little throwback Thursday. Something I love is the Cinch from we are memory keepers. I love this machine - it allows you to create your own bound books from all sorts of materials. I need to dig it out again!

I wrote a magazine article on the cinch, and one of the little note books I made is here:

I used pretty scrapbook papers, and embellished the cover.

Inside, I added plain papers, but interspersed decorative papers here and there. I also made sure I decorated the inside cover

I've just realised my photos seem to have a blur on them. I think I may have a mucky lens. Oops.

Anyway, as normally happens when I share an old piece, I'm now asking for a challenge. You know I love this. Give me 3 items you want my to craft with. It can be anything. It will be picked at random, and the winner will receive whatever I end up creating (which reminds me, I've still got things to post, so sorry if you are waiting on your win!! I'll do a post run tomorrow).

Okay, throw some goods ideas my way.


MFM said...

My three items for the challenge are Cotton wool, wine labels and newspaper.
Hope the next 20 days bring us some more inspirational pieces of Leonie magic.
Hugs M F M xx

cardmakerkb said...

Hi Leonie. can't wait to see where you end up. I've really missed your cheery disposition and northern wit. My three items are washi tape, foil pie containers and Frantage embossing powders. x

lilian said...

Hi, love the book, my three things, foam tape, feathers and vellum.
Best Wishes Lilian in Cornwall

DeckleDeb said...

My 3 things are: Ranger melt pot, shrink plastic and skeleton leaves lol
Deborah X

Mrs Biker said...

I challenge you with orange net, the kind you get your satsumas in,wool and glass beads. You can eat the satsumas while you craft! Enjoy 😊 M

karenlotty said...

I love the book
My three things are black card, burlap and gilding wax I can't believe you are down to day 20 I started following you quite recently at about day 60! Where have those days gone

Dottyann said...

So looking forward to seeing you on our screens again miss your scence off humour my three things are gilding wax ribbon and black card

hollyberry said...

Really gorgeous little book. Love what the cinch can do but can't afford everything.
Three things for the challenge are dried flowers,tea bag and jam jar.
Will be hard to beat last weeks creation. said...

Hi Leonie.
Thank you a beautiful book.
Have fun Kitty.
What about the egg box buttons and string.

Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Leonie, This notebook is gorgeous, I love all the embellishments you have put on your front cover and inside, loving the kite made with a map, and the little birdie perching on the edge of the cup and saucer. Gorgeous !! I have a Cinch and shamefully it is still in it's box, I really must get it out and try out one of these fabulous notebooks. Thank you for reminding me.
My three items are - beading wire, vellum and UTEE, although I think it will be hard to beat last weeks creations.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Wendy L said...

This looks gorgeous, well done you.
How about beads, burlap and brown

Jackie S * said...

can't wait to see you back on our screens. I hope you will be doing demos's as feel your talent was wasted presenting
Jackie - Highlands x

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie you can never have enough notebooks! And this one has so.e many charming aspects to it. For the challenge I'm going to suggest peel offs, brads and something pink. Best wishes Jackie x

Melys said...

Love the notebook - My challenge is wax crayons, tin foil and feathers. Pob Lwc / Good Luck x

Alison D said...

Hi Leonie, this is the kind of notebook you never want to run out. For the challenge how about vellum, brads and utee. Have fun. Love and hugs,
Alison D x

Anonymous said...

Hi. For the challenge. How about string and ink. And another one tissue and stamps

Ann said...

Hi Leonie

Gorgeous little note book like you I adore the "Cinch" I have made lots and lots of

books ideal for little gifts for kiddies they love them.

My Challenge for you is to use

1 Martha Stewart paper clay

2 gilding wax

3 make a box to decorate

Good luck Hugs Annxx

Diane said...

Great notebook. I'm a Cinch fan too! you've made me want to get it out again and make something ...thanks for the inspiration
Three promised.. a wine bottle (empty of course) paint and twine.
Hope you have fun... you certain!y did and eggsellent job with the last one!!!! X
Love Diane

Myra said...

Hello Leonie,
I like that machine too!
My three things are washi tape, domino and charms! Xxx

Tracy Welham said...

Looks so magical, I love it. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

Margaret A said...

Hiya..its great when you remind us of stuff not been used for a while I used to love making wee books. I've already had a challenge picked so won't enter this time. Can't wait to see what you come up with. X

Margaret A said...

Hiya..its great when you remind us of stuff not been used for a while I used to love making wee books. I've already had a challenge picked so won't enter this time. Can't wait to see what you come up with. X

Starang said...

I love your crafty inspirations. Hope you looking forward to whatever you do next.
3 things - piece of Lego, cling film and embossing powder.